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We offer some of the UK's cheapest International postage rates, alongside a fast and reliable parcel delivery service. Every day we collect thousands of parcels and send them all over the globe - you can send to the USA in just 2-3 days* from £38.59 or send to Germany in just 2-4 days* from £37.00 .

To view all delivery options and prices for a particular country simply select the country you wish to ship to from the list below. Remember, when sending Internationally certain rules and regulations apply. Learn more about sending parcel abroad here.


What you need to know about International parcel delivery



For international shipping, it’s important to package and waterproof your items correctly to avoid damage during transit. You will also need to ensure that you complete all the relevant customs information and do not ship any items that are classed as prohibited. Click on the links below to understand all you need to know about best utilising our worldwide delivery services.



  Wallet icon Ways to save money on your international postage  
  Prohibited icon Restricted and prohibited items for international delivery  
  Customs icon Avoid delays by filling in customs information correctly  
  Paperwork icon How to complete a commercial invoice  
  Sending box icon How your international postage is worked out  
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Understanding taxes and duties

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How to package parcel for international delivery

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How to avoid problems when sending a parcel internationally




Finally, if you are sending an item abroad you’ll want to know how much it will cost to ship. If you know the weight and measurement of your parcel you can get a quick quote to see how much it will cost to ship your item to its final destination. Our best international courier service ensures prices remain affordable, allowing you to send as often as necessary.