Volume Calculator

Are you trying to find out how much your parcel weighs but don’t have scales to hand? You can calculate volume using our parcel weight calculator, using just a few measurements. Use our volumetric weight calculator below.

To make it easier you can even switch between inches and centimetres.


Cubic metres {{getCubicMeters(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}
Cubic feet {{getCubicFeet(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}
Effective weight {{getEffectiveWeight(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}kg


If you have a tape measure to hand, you can calculate volume using just a few measurements. By simply entering your parcel details into our clever volumetric weight calculator, it can calculate your parcel weight for you.

Using either inches or centimetres, input the parcel’s length, width and height to find out how much your parcel may cost to send with us. The tool simply multiplies the length, width, and height of the parcel and divides that figure by 4000 to find out an effective weight.


Once you’ve got your effective weight – what do you do with it? Simply take the results from our volume calculator and head over to our UK parcel sizes and pricing page to figure out what kind of delivery service you’ll need.

The price to send a parcel within the UK differs depending on the weight of the parcel, and each size (standard, large, extra large) has maximum dimensions. Learn more about heavy parcel delivery today.

From here you can book your parcel delivery or head over to your local depot or ServicePoint to take the next steps. 


Ready to send a parcel? Once you’ve figured out the parcel size you need, you can get a quick quote to understand how much posting your parcel will cost.

Alternatively, you can use our other tools to help you on your way – like using our postcode finder facility.