How to return a parcel

There are a number of reasons that your recipient may need to return a parcel to you. Perhaps you sold an item and its new owner believes it's the wrong size or a friend would like to return that book they’ve borrowed from you. Whatever your reason for parcel returns, it is quick and easy to book one via our website.

We’ll walk you through parcel returns every step of the way, ensuring your package is returned to you safe and sound.


Create a reverse label for parcel returns

To get a shipment back, you can get any parcel sent to a UK address returned by us. All you need to do is create a reverse label on our website. This can be done in the Account section by simply clicking ‘View all orders’ and selecting the order you would like to generate a reverse label for. Finally, click the ‘Generate reverse label’ button.

The order you originally created will be reversed. For example, if you dropped off the parcel at a ServicePoint and it was delivered to the recipient’s home, the reverse order will be for home collection and ServicePoint delivery. Don’t worry, these details aren’t fixed – just click ‘Amend’ to select a different service. Returning a parcel is simple.

Once you have booked and paid for your delivery, a PDF of the label will be generated. Save this to your computer and send it to your recipient. They can then affix the new label to the parcel.


Whether you’re a small business or simply selling old clothes on marketplace websites like Vinted, offering the facility to send a shipment back is important. With online shoppers much more likely to return their purchase than those who are shopping in stores, not offering customers the ability to return a parcel may cause issues. 

Returns are an increasingly more important part of customer experience, with top eCommerce brands offering robust, customer-focused returns policies. If a customer can shop with you conveniently, they should be able to return products conveniently too.

Offering parcel returns means customers can act confidently when purchasing your product or item – safe in the knowledge that if it is not right for them, they can return it.

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How do parcel returns work

Step 1: Go into the Account section and click ‘Generate Returns Label’

Step 2: Choose which order you would like to create a returns label for

Step 3: We’ll automatically fill in our booking form with all the details of the original booking but in reverse

Step 4: Click ‘Amend’ to make any changes or if you are happy click ‘Send’

Step 5: Pay for the parcel delivery

Step 6: Email the label to your recipient

Step 7: Recipient prints the label off and attaches it to the parcel

Step 8: Parcel is collected from the recipient’s home or dropped off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint or depot


Packaging the parcel return

When it comes to parcel returns, ideally, your recipient should use the same box to return your item back to you as this will conform to the dimensions given in the original order. When packaging the item, they should make sure the original label is completely covered by the new reverse label.

If the original box is damaged, we recommend using a new box to ensure your item is protected and the package returned safely. Your recipient will just need to make sure it’s roughly the same size and weight as the original when they return the parcel.


Send, Collect and Return

We have 3,500 ServicePoints across the UK where senders and recipients can send, collect and return parcels. Our ServicePoints are conveniently located in corner shops which are open from 8am until late so you can pick up or return a parcel at a time that is convenient for you.


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You can drop off your parcel at a ServicePoint and save money on your parcel delivery.


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If your recipient isn't going to be home at the time of the delivery, they can opt to collect their parcel from a ServicePoint.


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It’s simple to return a parcel too. Generate a reverse label in the account section and send to your recipient.