If you are a marketplace seller, who’s looking for a quick and easy e-commerce delivery solution, then look no further! We know you are rushed off your feet preparing and sending out orders so let us lighten the load with Quick Send – a delivery solution designed specifically for e-commerce sellers.

We can link your DHL Parcel UK account with 10 of the most popular e-commerce websites, including eBay, Etsy and Amazon. When your account is linked, we are able to retrieve all of your sold items and import your recipient’s delivery details straight into our booking form. By streamlining our booking process for e-commerce sellers, we can save you valuable time which you can put back into your business.

What e-commerce platforms can we link with?


We can link with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, including:


Upload a CSV of your orders


Alternatively, if you aren't using one of the above platforms to sell your goods, you can download our CSV template. Simply fill in the template and upload to the DHL Parcel UK website. We will then create multiple bookings for you based on the information you provide - all you need to do is check you are happy and confirm.

How does it work?

By linking your account, you give DHL Parcel UK permission to import items from your marketplace account. Rest assured, we will not receive any further personal or financial information and you can unlink at any time. Once you’ve linked your account, this is what will happen when a customer places an order:

Step 1: Customer places an order

Step 2: We’ll import the delivery details straight into our booking form

Step 3: You’ll receive a notification, letting you know that there is unsent items in your basket

Step 4: Review the booking form - you can amend if necessary

Step 5: Once you are happy, click ‘Send’

Benefits of linking your account

Quick Send can save you valuable admin time which you can use for other important tasks. With all of your e-commerce orders in one place, it’s easy to keep track of all your orders and what you are spending on delivery.



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Save time

Save time when sending orders - simply book in one click. 

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All orders in one place

If you use multiple platforms then you'll be able to see all of your orders in one place. 

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Download invoices

Download invoices and statements for all orders, across multiple platforms. 

Who can use Quick Send?

Anyone who is selling on one of the above platforms can link their e-commerce account to DHL Parcel UK. It’s a completely free value service and there are no minimum order quantities so you don’t need to be a power seller to benefit from this service.



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Your business can save time and money

Integrating your e-commerce platform is one of many ways you can save your business time and money. At DHL Parcel UK, we are committed to making sure it is quick and affordable for our small businesses to send parcels to their customers:



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Pre-pay and save

You can save time booking deliveries by using our pre-pay service, and we'll give you money back when you add funds. 

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Avoid post office queues

Don't struggle taking multiple parcels to the post office - we'll collect your parcel from your home or work address. 

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Drop-off your parcel

Opt to drop off your parcel at one of our 3,500 DHL Parcel UK ServicePoints. Shops are open from 8am until late.