Whether you are sending a parcel within the UK or to an international destination, we have some of the cheapest parcel delivery rates in the UK. We aren’t on price comparison sites so to see how our prices measure up against some of the most popular parcel delivery companies, take a look at our comparison page.

You can get an even better deal on your parcel delivery when you utilise our latest discounts and rewards. Our reward schemes are designed to reward regular shippers – to thank you for your loyalty, we’ll pay money into your pre-pay account which you can use to send even more parcels in future. Whereas our discounts and offers bring down the cost of sending a parcel. Check out our latest discounts and rewards below to see how much you can save.

The benefits

Collect icon We can collect from home or work address
Globe icon Globally trusted courier shipping to over 160 countries worldwide
Tracking icon Online tracking and delivery notifications for you and your recipient
Contents cover icon Contents cover (up to £25 for UK / £50 for International shipping)
Ecommerce icon Integrated with over 10 ecommerce platforms to make sending parcels even easier
Return icon Offer your customers easy returns with our ‘’reverse order’’ functionality

Many ways to save

Parcelshops icon Drop off and save at any one of our 3,500 ServicePoints or 50+ DHL Parcel UK depots
Piggy bank icon ''My DHL rewards'' - exclusive to our customers
Finance icon Cashback into your pre-pay account when you add funds (Terms apply)
Multiparcel icon Multi-parcel discounts available on some UK services (Terms apply)

Discounts and offers

We understand that parcel delivery costs can add up, especially for our regular shippers. That's why we have a selection of discounts and offers to help bring  down the cost of sending a parcel. We offer multi parcel discounts on some UK parcel delivery services, as well as 15% off  when you sign up to our email newsletter. See how much you can save on your parcel delivery today. 

Pre-pay and save

When you use pre-pay, you can save time by adding funds in advance. Then when you come to pay for a booking, all you need to do is select the pre-pay option and we’ll take the payment from your account.

It’s not just time you can save, you can save money too. When you add more than £25, we’ll reward you by paying 3% of the total amount into your pre-pay account which you can use to send even more parcels in the future.

Gold and Silver membership

Our Gold and Silver schemes reward our regular shippers. To qualify as a Gold shipper, all you need to do is spend over £500 with DHL Parcel UK in one calendar month. To thank you for your loyalty, we’ll pay £10 back into your pre-pay account which you can use to send more parcels in the future. The more you spend, the more you can save - if you spend over £3,000 in one month, you’ll get £50 back in to your pre-pay account.

If you are a regular shipper but don’t quite spend £500 each month, you may still be able to qualify for our Silver reward scheme. Spend between £200 and £500 and we’ll pay £5 into your pre-pay account.


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