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Send With DHL Parcel UK

DHL Parcel UK offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to the Post Office for personal senders and small businesses. So whether you are sending a gift to a loved one or have sold something online, we offer a quick and flexible sending service which fits around your busy lifestyle.

You can rely on our delivery expertise and global reach to deliver your parcels within the UK and to over 160 countries worldwide. If you are sending a parcel to a mainland UK address, it will reach your recipient on the next day. Whereas, international parcels can be delivered as quickly as 2-3 days later. If that’s not quick enough, we offer a range of priority options to get your parcel there even quicker.

You can drop off your parcel at one of our 3,500 DHL Parcel UK ServicePoints across the UK and save money in the process. Our ServicePoints are open from 8am until late and 90% of the UK population live 10 minutes away from a shop so you can drop off your parcel at a convenient time.

Alternatively, a DHL Parcel UK driver will collect your parcel straight from your door so you can send a parcel without leaving the comfort of your own home. We’ll even provide a 1-hour collection window as well as a ‘You’re next’ notification when you are the next stop on our driver’s route so you don’t need to wait in all day.

Customer rewards

Our pre-pay service makes checkout a breeze so you can send parcels in no time. Simply add funds to your DHL Parcel UK account and select ‘pre-pay’ as your payment method and the money will be deducted straight from your account.

Not only does pre-pay save you valuable time, now you can save money too! Receive 3% cashback into your pre-pay account when you add funds (Terms apply). Your reward money can be used to send even more parcels in future.

Get customer order out in no time!

Running an e-commerce business and need help getting orders out quickly? Our Quick Send service lets you link your chosen e-commerce platform with DHL Parcel UK. When your account is linked and you sell an item, we’re able to automatically fill in our booking form with the delivery details.

If you sell your goods on more than one platform, that’s not a problem – we can link with as many platforms as you sell on so that you can see all of your unsent orders in one place. All you need to do is log in to your DHL Parcel UK account and view all the orders we’ve created. If you are happy, click ‘send’. Saving you valuable time which you can put back in to your business.

Take a look at the platforms we can integrate with below:

What e-commerce platforms can we link with?

We link with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, including:

Upload a CSV of your orders

Alternatively, if you aren’t using one of the above platforms to sell your goods, you can download our CSV template. Simply fill in the template and upload to the DHL Parcel UK website. We will then create multiple bookings for you based on the information you provide – all you need to do is check you are happy and confirm.