Depop is a social marketplace app where users can buy and sell items of clothing, footwear and accessories. The community of "Depopers" now reaches over 21 million users across the globe where users can like, share and comment on the items you wish to sell along with the individual’s profile – its part Instagram, part eBay and the more fans you have the higher chance you’ll likely have to sell your items within the app.




  1. Create a profile picture - either of yourself, your logo or something that reflects you.
  2. Write a bio which informs people about you, your style and what you’re selling - this is also a handy place to inform followers of your parcel delivery and returns policy.
  3. Connect with others and get social – you can connect your depop account with your other social profiles to grow trust, followers and to like and comment on other users Depop profiles.
  4. Link your account to PayPal – Depop currently only accept PayPal payments so you will need to either create a PayPal account or link your account to ensure you get paid.
  5. Create your listings - Depop recommend posting a minimum of 4 items to sell when you first start so you can show your fans and potential buyers your style. When selling your items on any marketplace - take photographs in natural light, show all angles of the item and in the case of Deepop many users will wear or model the item clothing. Finally, ensure you have clear and concise product descriptions and because Depop is part Instagram – use hashtags so it’s easy for users to find your items.



Once you’ve sold your items to a buyer you’ll need to ship them. At DHL eCommerce UK you can send next day from as little as £2.79 or internationally from £32.77

Our next day UK collection and delivery prices (Inc. VAT)


Home collection to door

ServicePoint to door

Depot to door

Small £8.99 £7.67 £7.09









Extra Large


Temporarily unavailable


If you’re interested to see how our prices measure up against other carriers, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Our compare parcel delivery companies page shows our prices for home collection, ServicePoint drop off and depot drop off against some of the most popular carriers in the UK to make sure you are getting the best price for the parcel you are sending.


Popular international destinations




Transit Times

german flag


From £37.13

2-4 days

french flag


From £37.71

4-7 days

italian flag


From £41.63

4-6 days

portuguese flag


From £38.30

5-6 days

netherlands flag


From £34.57

2-5 days

greek flag


From £52.38

7-10 days

usa flag


From £38.59

2-3 days

canadian flag


From £34.71

3-4 days

australian flag


From £40.25

4-5 days

new zealand flag

New Zealand

From £41.46

4-5 days




Depop will charge you a 10% fee of the total value your item sold for, this includes the parcel delivery cost. So make sure you take this into account when pricing your item for sale. Example below…

If you sell an item for £5 and charge £3.99 for parcel delivery - Depop will charge you 89p. Assuming your buyer is covering the cost of the parcel delivery the money you will receive into your PayPal account after Depop selling fees will be £8.10. Once you have taken away the cost of delivery, the profit you will make is £4.11.

Remember, you will also likely have to pay PayPal payment fees which can vary. However, you won’t need to pay any upfront costs to set up your Depop account - you only pay selling fees once your item has sold.




Offering a returns policy on your Depop profile is a way you can garner trust with your buyers. Should an item need to be returned back to you for whatever reason you can do some of the following…

  • Make it clear within your profile that you can offer your buyers free returns, should the item not be suitable or seen as sold once delivered. Bear in mind this will be a cost to you directly but can be a way to drive more sales.
  • Charge your buyer to return the item to you – we’d recommend you use a tracked service to ensure your item is returned back to you in the same state it was sent to your buyer in.

If you have booked your Depop parcel delivery with us, you can go to your DHL eCommerce UK account and create a returns label to send to your recipient. You’re recipient will receive an email with a label to have the parcel collected from their home address or you can get them to drop off at a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint or Depot to save money on the cost of the returns. Read more here on creating a return label.




Simply enter zero as the shipping price when you set the delivery information before posting your item for sale. You can entice fans to your Depop page and items you are selling by offering free shipping - you should consider building the cost of your parcel delivery into the price of your items to ensure you return a healthy margin.

With DHL eCommerce UK there are many ways you could save on the cost of your parcel delivery…

  • Add funds to PrePay – add over £20 into your account and we’ll give you 3% back into your account.
  • Become a Gold or Silver member – if you spend over £200 within a single month you will automatically receive funds back into your account the following month.
  • Save money when you drop off at one of our 3500+ DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoints or Depots across the country.
  • If you prefer home collections, we also offer multi-parcel discounts on all UK to UK orders.

Depop report that "offering free national shipping can double a seller’s chances of selling an item within 7 days".




When shipping your sold items you have 3 options;

  1. Arrange your own shipping using someone like us at DHL eCommerce UK
  2. Ship through Depop drop off
  3. Ship with Depop courier collect
Options two and three can be done within the app but you are restricted to their provider of choice, whereas arranging your own shipping with a carrier of your choice could save you money.





There are a few simple rules to follow; be honest with your descriptions and images, keep all transactions and sales within the app, don’t sell anything illegal or prohibited and ensure your parcel is tracked to the buyer’s door.

  • Be honest – If there are any marks or signs of damage ensure you take photos of this when listing your item and detail it within the description. This will also avoid any negative reviews or costly returns.
  • Keep all transactions within Depop – if a buyer wants to take the transaction out of the app this could lead to your account being blocked or deleted.
  • You cannot sell any illegal or prohibited items – the full list is available here on Depop. Make sure you check with your carrier of choice before shipping as many items cannot be sent through the post. A list of DHL eCommerce UK's prohibited and restricted items can be found here.
  • Ensure your parcel is tracked and you get proof of postage to ensure your sold item arrives with your buyer. Without tracking, the buyer, Depop and PayPal have no way of determining if the item was sent. All DHL eCommerce UK deliveries are tracked and you can keep updated of their progress within your account or on our track.dhlparcel.co.uk website.

For help with your Depop queries please see their online help guides.

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