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We’ve all been there… you open a gift on Christmas morning and it’s not quite right – maybe it’s the wrong size, the colour is too bright or it’s just not your style – but unless you have the gift receipt, it can be difficult to return the item without telling your loved one that you don’t like it.

Alternatively, you can avoid offending your loved ones and earn a bit of extra cash in the process by putting your unwanted gifts on eBay. The proceeds from the sale can then be put towards something you love.

If you are thinking about selling your unwanted gifts on eBay, take a look at our top selling tips below to help you find the perfect buyer!

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Taking photos


You can list unlimited photos on eBay at no extra cost so it’s worthwhile taking multiple photos of the item from different angles. If the gift still has a tag on it, make sure you include this in your photos as it will highlight to potential buyers how it’s never been used / worn.

eBay listings with good quality photos are 5% more likely to sell so it’s important to get this right. When photographing items, always use a plain background (white if possible) and ensure there’s no clutter in the shot as this can detract from the focus. To get the best lighting, we recommend taking photos during the daytime as your item will look best in natural light. If using multiple photos, take them all at the same time of day and in a similar location to ensure your lighting remains consistent.





This is the part which a lot of people struggle with, but it’s easier than you think. Let’s start with your title – this can be up to 80 characters in length and should include: what the item is, the brand and item specifics (model, colour, size and condition).

Example: Apple iPhone 5 - 16 GB - Black Smartphone - New

It’s important to note, that you are only allowed to use the brand name of the item you are selling. Some sellers reference multiple brands in their title to get more hits. This is known as keyword spamming and is prohibited by eBay. Listings which use keyword spamming will be removed by eBay and the listing fee will still be charged.

Next, you’ll need to write a description. Start by writing a list of words which potential buyers may use when searching for your item. These words are important and should appear at the start of your listing. This is your opportunity to give more detail about the item specifics. For example, if you are selling a piece of clothing you should include: what it is (dress), brand (Marks and Spencer), colour (red), style (maxi), size (size 12) and condition (new).





Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want to use an auction or fixed price. Auctions work well for rare or collectible items but if your unwanted gift is an everyday item then setting a fixed price will probably work better for you.

It’s important to get the price right – too low and you could miss out on potential profits, but too high and your item may not sell. A good way to gauge an appropriate price is by looking at eBay’s completed listings. You can do this by changing ticking ‘Completed items only’ in the preference menu of the search results page. If the price is shown in green then the item sold, whereas listings where the price is shown in red didn’t sell. You should base your sale price off the listings in green.





When pricing your item, we recommend working out much it will cost to send. This can either be included in the price of the item (with postage set to ‘Free’) or you can add a postage cost.

Our Quick Quote functionality can help you decide how much to charge for postage. For the most accurate quotation, we recommend putting the item inside a box and weighing and measuring the parcel. Remember, you can keep postage costs down by using a smaller box (just make sure the item fits comfortably within in).





Once you’ve sold your unwanted gift, it’s time to send to your recipient. It is important to make sure that your item is packaged correctly to ensure it reaches them safely.

If sending something which won’t easily break, for example clothes, then a polythene shipping bag is ideal – it is lightweight and fits snuggly around the item so you may find it costs less to send than using a box. If sending something fragile then a polythene bag is not the best option – instead opt for a double walled box. We recommend wrapping your item in plenty of bubble wrap and filling any unused space inside the box with packaging chips so the item can’t move around in transit. Finally, seal the opening of the box and all seams with strong packing tape.






You’ll need a partner you can trust to deliver your item safely to the buyer – that’s where we come in. With DHL eCommerce UK, you can send to anywhere in the UK with some of the best next day delivery rates or to 160 countries worldwide with some of the lowest international postage rates.

For added peace of mind you can track your delivery right up to your recipient’s door and our email notifications will keep you are your recipient informed at every step of the parcel’s journey.

Sending lots of orders is easy as we’ll collect straight from your door. On the morning of the collection, we will send you an estimated time of arrival window via email so you know when to expect us. Alternatively, you can save money by dropping your parcel off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint or depot. We have over 3,500 ServicePoints across the UK and prices start from just £2.79.

So what are you waiting for? Stop unwanted gifts taking up room in your home and pop them on eBay today.