Sorting out shipping for online stores can be a confusing practice – but it is so important.

As an online store, you’ll be putting a lot of effort into ensuring that users have the best possible experience, from selecting imagery, writing promotional content and emails, and choosing offers and when to make them live. However, shipping and the logistics involved is something that can often be overlooked, but as the first time a customer will physically experience your product, sorting out your online store shipping solutions is key.

We’ve prepared a guide on how to set up shipping for an online store, including the best options for packaging and more.



There are a number of considerations when you’re setting up shipping for an online store, including:

Deciding on shipping rates

The foundation of shipping for online stores should be rooted in your decision of how much to charge for the delivery of your products. It should be informed by the underlying financial information of your business, but there are a few options in this regard.

You could offer free shipping to customers by increasing the cost of your product, paying the full price for your customer, or offering discount codes to certain customers. Minimum order amounts for free shipping could also work.

One popular option is offering flat rate shipping which helps to avoid overcharging customers – but this works best when your product line is standardised.

Alternatively, you could partner with an online store logistics and delivery service like DHL eCommerce UK. Depending on the platform your online store is on, you can link integrate accounts directly with us and we’ll take it from there. Understanding the size, weight and both origin and destination address of your parcels is necessary.

Consider your packaging

As already mentioned, receiving the product they ordered is likely to be the first physical interaction a customer is going to have with your brand. Impressing a customer on their first order could mean they come back to order more in the future.

Packaging, both on the outside and inside, should provide an experience and look to impress a customer. Including interesting inserts, handwritten notes and more can enhance the experience.

It’s worthwhile considering whether you’re losing valuable profit by going too far with your packaging, however. Keeping it light and small can be the best option at times, and you can make an impression inside. Ensuring you’re doing your part for the environment is important too!

Read up on international shipping

It’d be wise to be clued up about international shipping and the proper customs documentation you’ll need. We’ve prepared some useful customs information for you to digest – but can also help you with documentation.

By filling in forms and providing the relevant information as part of the DHL eCommerce UK booking process, we can generate the documentation needed for you to send your product abroad.

Once you’ve printed this, affix it to your parcel in a clear plastic document wallet and you’re good to go.



Once your online store is up and running and you’ve decided how you want your products to be seen while they’re out and about by designing your packaging materials, things get really simple.

Package your order, including package filling when necessary, and ensuring your products are securely placed. Make sure to personalise where possible with the addition of a note or stickers.

With DHL eCommerce UK’s online store logistics and delivery service, you can either drop off your parcels at a depot or ServicePoint, or choose to have it collected from your door. You can either print your own label or, if you’re taking it to a ServicePoint, select the label-less option and have it done for you by the shopkeeper.

Our online store shipping solutions mean you can send your parcels with ease.



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