eBay is one of the best websites for individuals and small business looking to sell their unwanted items or products. Thousands of people use eBay on a daily basis to make a steady income and even more use it to make quick cash on items they no longer need or want. But how do we uncover the best things to sell on Ebay. Choosing what to sell is half the battle especially if you’re just getting started.

The beauty of eBay is how easy it is to use. Listing your items takes minutes, payment is quick, easy and safe by using PayPal and shipping is as seamless as linking your eBay account to your DHL eCommerce UK account. There are some basic tips to consider when deciding if selling on eBay is the best option for the items you’re looking to sell.

How to get started on Ebay:

  1. Do your homework!
  2. Price your items appropriately
  3. Plan postage costs


So how do you uncover things to sell on Ebay? Before you list your item, it’s a good idea to browse eBay for similar items. This will give you an idea of whether the item is going to get a lot of interest and the best price to set for your item. Adding items to eBay’s ‘Watch List’ is also a great way to track listings over time to see how well they are performing.

Popular searches on eBay range from electronics to furniture and wedding dresses. Furniture is heavily searched on eBay, more specifically ‘Chest of Drawers’ and ‘Wardrobes’. The biggest thing to consider with items like these is shipping. More than likely these items will exceed parcel dimensions and weights of courier services; so it’s recommended that if you do sell these items on eBay that you require them to be collected. Or, if possible flat pack your items, if possible, to ensure they fit the correct weights and dimensions.

Electronics are also very popular on eBay. Perhaps you’ve just updated your phone to the latest and greatest version and your old one is sitting in a drawer, or maybe you’ve swapped your dated games console for the newest model; someone, somewhere will buy your old devices.


The best things to sell on Ebay are things that will move quickly and make a profit, but they are almost always priced correctly! If similar items are either not selling or selling for a very low price, this suggests that demand is low. It is then recommended that you set the starting price at a level which you would be happy to receive at the end of the auction. If your item doesn’t sell then it’s not the end of the world, but if it sells for more then it’s a win-win. This is also true for selling rarer items which no other sellers have listed.

Adding a reserve price to an item is also a great way to start the auction at a lower price so it looks more appealing for buyers. Adding a reserve price means you can set a lower starting figure, but if it doesn’t sell for the price you stated in the reserve then you don’t have to sell the item at all.

Starting the auction at a low price is a great way to get people interested in bidding for the product. They’ll think they’re getting a deal, and potential buyers may be more likely to continue to bid, even if they end up being out-bid by another buyer. Keep this in mind when it comes to pricing your item, especially if you notice that similar items aren’t selling.


It’s important to consider the potential postal cost for your item before listing. If the item you’re selling is expensive to send then it might deter any potential buyers from making an offer. However, if you under-value the postal cost, then you as a seller would have to make up the difference out of your profit.

To get an accurate idea of how much it would cost to send your parcel in the UK or Internationally, get a quick quote before selling your item. As standard you get £25 free contents cover on every domestic parcel and £50 on every International parcel – these can be upgraded to up to a maximum of £1000 for that extra peace of mind.

Top tip - Close your eBay auction on a Sunday evening - this is when eBay tends to be the busiest and should hopefully draw in more bids.

Link your eBay and DHL eCommerce UK accounts - All you need to do is register with us to create your own DHL eCommerce UK account. Fill in our quick registration form by supplying us with your name or business name, email address, home or work address and set yourself a memorable password. If you have already used DHL eCommerce UK then you can link your accounts here.