Looking to learn how selling on Facebook works? You probably already use Facebook as a way of staying in touch with friends and loved ones, but did you know how useful it is in selling your unwanted items too? In this guide, you'll learn how to sell on Facebook marketplace, how to become a Facebook seller and how to create Facebook Marketplace listings that stand out. We’ll also look at how to get your listing seen by the right people and protect yourself from scammers - it's a marketplace selling 101.

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What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a classified ads site that connects you with potential buyers across its spanning platform. It is then up to you, as a Facebook seller, to negotiate the price, delivery method, and payment with the buyer.

The main advantage of selling on the Facebook marketplace classified ads site over other marketplace sites is that it’s free to list and sell an item (although you can choose to pay a small fee to boost your listing).

How to list an item

There are Facebook Marketplace rules and processes that need to be followed to ensure your items are listed correctly; however, listing your unwanted items is quick and easy to do. Simply follow the steps below:

How to sell on Facebook marketplace

  • Step 1: Click on the Marketplace icon at the top of the page.
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Sell’ button and choose the type of listing you want to create (options include: items, vehicles, properties, and jobs).
  • Step 3: Add photos to your listing. You’re allowed to add up to 10 photos in total so it’s a good idea to show the item from multiple different angles. Where possible, take photos against a plain background and remove any clutter from the shot. If your item is damaged, show this in the photos (it’s better to be upfront about any wear and tear rather than get caught out later).
  • Step 4: Write your title and description. This should include any information a potential buyer might ask about the item, including: what the item is, the brand and item specifics (model, colour, size and condition). A buyer is more likely to make an offer if this information is given in the listing and they don’t have to keep asking you questions.
  • Step 5: Select the category which your item best fits under.
  • Step 6: Next, set your price! To help you gauge a realistic price, look at comparable items on Facebook Marketplace. For a quick sale, price your item slightly lower than similar listings in your area.
  • Step 7: Add your location so potential buyers can see how far away you are (don’t worry, Facebook won’t show your actual address). Generally, buyers will search for items in their local area. However, you can offer delivery - just make sure this option is ticked when creating your listing.
  • Step 8: Your listing is complete! It is now sent to Facebook for review and will be published within a few minutes.

Precautions when selling on Facebook Marketplace

As a seller, there are some precautions you can take to ensure you have a positive selling experience.
1. Arrange for the seller to use a secure payment method
Facebook does not facilitate payment so it’s up to you to arrange payment directly with the buyer. Facebook recommend using a secure electronic payment processor like PayPal. This arrangement benefits both the buyer and seller - PayPal offers protection against fraud for the buyer, as well as better transaction security for the seller.
2. Check the buyer’s profile
It can be a good idea to check the buyer’s profile before committing to a sale. If the profile was created recently, they have very few friends or no pictures it can be signs that they aren’t a legitimate buyer.
3. Report suspicious behaviour
If you believe someone is trying to scam you, immediately report them to Facebook.


How buyers can make an offer

Once you’ve set up your listing, the offers should come flooding in. Interested buyers can get in touch with Facebook sellers by sending a message – these will show in Facebook Messenger, as well as the Marketplace Inbox. Alternatively, buyers may comment on the listing itself to make you an offer.

If you are happy with the price they’ve offered, you’ll need to arrange collection or if they live further away, you can send the sold item to them using a courier service.

Don’t forget to mark your item as sold on Facebook Marketplace (this will stop you from getting inundated with messages), simply click on ‘Your items’ and select the ‘Mark as Sold’ button. Should the sale fall through, you can easily revert this by clicking ‘Mark as Available’.

Boost visibility of your item

Sometimes, marketplace selling takes time. When selling on Facebook Marketplace, you can reach more potential buyers in your local area by utilising Facebook Groups. To find selling groups in your area, simply type ‘selling’ in the search bar, along with your town or postcode. To increase your chances of finding a seller, we recommend joining a few groups in your town as well as neighbouring areas. However, be aware that some groups do not allow you to sell on more than one group so it’s worth checking the rules first.

If you are selling something which might appeal to someone with a specific hobby, it can be a good idea to join groups which are devoted to that pastime. For example, if you are selling a rare model train then you can reach more people who share this passion by joining a model train group. However, before listing anything, check the group rules as some do not permit you to sell items.

When you list an item for sale on a group, users will typically comment on the post. You can then private message them to arrange collection/delivery and payment.

In addition to joining Facebook Groups, there is an option to pay to boost your listing. With this option, your listing will appear as an ad in users’ Facebook feeds. By increasing the number of people who see your listing, you may be able to sell your item quicker. You’ll also gain access to insights which show how your ad is performing.

How to send sold items

Now you have sold your item on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need a way to get it to your buyer. If they are local, you can arrange for them to collect from your home address. However, if your buyer lives further afield, it may be more convenient to send it to them instead. We offers next day UK delivery to those undertaking marketplace selling, with prices starting from just £2.79. You can work out how much it will cost you to send using our Quick Quote – just make sure you have the parcel’s weight and dimensions to hand.

Our collection and drop-off services

We’ll collect your parcel straight from your door

If you’ve sold something heavy, we can collect it straight from your door! Send up to 25kg with maximum dimensions of 70cm x 70cm x 70cm.

On the morning of the collection, we’ll send you an estimated time of arrival window so you know when to expect us.

Drop off is available at 3,500 ServicePoints across the UK.

Alternatively, you can choose to drop your parcel off at your local ServicePoint or depot and bring down the cost of your parcel delivery.

Our ServicePoints are found in local convenience stores which are typically open from 8am until late so you can drop off at a time which is convenient for you.