Wondering how to sell on Vinted? Selling on Vinted is a great way to make money from clothes that are no longer worn, shoes and accessories that aren’t your style anymore, or kids’ clothes that are now too small.

There’s also potential to turn selling other people’s unwanted clothes and accessories into a profitable side-hustle by browsing places like car boot sales and ‘flipping’ the purchase, like many do with eBay flipping. Reselling on Vinted is a viable business opportunity for those willing to put in the time.

We’ve created a handy guide on how Vinted works, how to get set up, and how to sell on Vinted. Read on to learn more.




So, how does Vinted work? The Vinted platform is simple and easy to use for both buyers and sellers. It’s an online community of people looking to offload unwanted items or pick up a great bargain while browsing on your phone or desktop.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up for an account, you can either begin searching for your next fashion hit or listing your item for someone else. Remember – your trash could be someone else’s treasure!

What can you sell on Vinted? Well, there’s an opportunity to sell things other than clothes and accessories too. Sealed beauty products, handy unused grooming utensils, and a range of kids’ items like furniture, buggies, toys, and school supplies are all regularly listed.

Listing items and searching for items is completely free. Once you’ve bought or sold an item, there are a few steps to take, before you can take advantage of opening your parcel of goodies or make the most of the zero selling fee approach that Vinted offers.




There’s a successful step-by-step process to selling clothes on Vinted – and that starts with creating and building a trusted profile. You can add a profile picture and verify your account to show prospective buyers that you’re a real person, add some relevant information in the about you section, and adjust some of your settings.

From here you can begin to list your items. There are prohibited items, like used underwear and swimwear, counterfeits, high-tech electronics, and more - so ensure your listing doesn’t break any of Vinted’s rules. Add clear photography, an honest description and select the correct parcel size, and then wait for a buyer! Using Vinted couldn't be easier.

You can bump your items or use paid features to make your profile more visible, set discounts and more to increase the likelihood of a successful sale. Once you’ve sold an item and the new owner receives it, you can give each other feedback to help future buyers make an informed decision before they buy from you.




Once your item has sold, you’re required to ship the item within five working days of the sale. The buyer can select various shipping options that you’ll have preset – next-day delivery, for example.

Packing your item carefully, with a personal touch like a note, a pack of sweets or something similar can make the buyer truly appreciate you as a seller.

From here, it’s all about the sending process. You can drop a parcel off at your nearest DHL eCommerce UK Servicepoint, which will manage the sending of your items, provide important tracking details, and more. This saves you time and effort in the long run and ensures that your parcel will reach its destination. In addition to this, you can also drop parcels to any of our 50 depots across the UK.

If there seem to be any issues with the address supplied by the buyer – you can always utilise our handy postcode finder tool, giving you a simple and convenient way to locate the correct address of your recipient.


Start Your Secondhand Selling Journey


Selling items that are no longer useful is a trend that has picked up massively over the last few years, so if you’ve not considered it before, perhaps it’s time now you know how to sell on Vinted.

Thinking of selling clothes on Vinted, or other items that are sitting around and creating clutter? Get started today – we’re here to help with any of your Vinted shipping needs.