When you look around the stores, Father’s Day tends to be less of a big deal than Mother’s Day but for some, it’ll every bit as important, if not more so. Dads, stepdads, granddads, uncles and godfathers are all worthy of a little something to let them know you appreciate them, and that you care – no matter how old you are!

Obviously, the standard gifts include items such as aftershave or cologne, shower sets or maybe a bottle of a tipple they fancy – but how about something a little more unique when selecting a gift for your dad this year?  You can go as elaborate as you like, but chances are, they’ll be delighted with anything you’ve taken the time to choose and send them for Father’s Day.

When is Father’s Day? -The first thing to establish is when you need to get your gifts and cards sent so they reach Dad in good time. In the UK, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June – though that’s not the same everywhere, so if your dad lives abroad, you’d be wise to check when it is to make sure you don’t miss the date.

In Italy, Festa del Papà is in March, as is Día del Padre in Spain. But in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Papa New Guinea, Father’s Day is on the first Sunday in September.

While Scandinavian dads in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland have to wait until the second Sunday in November for their Father’s day celebrations.

What makes a good Father’s Day gift? - Good question. Not only is every Dad different, so will be your budget – as much as we’d all love to spoil him with lavish presents, not everyone will have oodles of cash to spend. So think personal; consider his interests, hobbies, and what makes him tick when shopping for his gift. Making it special is much easier when it comes from the heart.


The old stand by gifts for Dad - Everyone does cologne or aftershave and there’s nothing wrong with that if you know what your Dad likes and he’s in desperate need of a fragrance to keep him smelling good. You can spend a little or a lot on scents – its up to you – but note that cologne / aftershave is on the DHL Parcel UK prohibited items list – and many countries don’t allow them through customs either, no matter what the size – so you’ll need to have it sent directly from the supplier, or take it to him personally if that’s what you think he wants.

Likewise, a nice bottle of whiskey, bourbon or gin might be just what floats the old man’s boat – with a decent half bottle of spiced rum starting at around a tenner, right up to a rare 40 year-old Speyside single malt for several hundred pounds DHL Parcel UK network as it’s on our prohibited list, so if not sending it directly or giving it person, you’ll have to think about something else that can be delivered. 

Is the Force strong in him? - If your Dad is a fan of Star Wars then good news! You’re going to be spoilt for choice this Fathers Day. There are a plethora of fantastic gifts to give the Jedi master; from a discreet silk pocket square, to tshirts, mugs key rings, prints and more – many of which can be personalised with names or cute messages with a Force flavour… there’ll be something to suit every padawan’s pocket.

If you can’t find the Droids you’re looking for in the shops, try Etsy, Not on the High Street and PrezzyBox for online inspiration. Then, when you’re ready to send your Fathers Day parcel, get a quote from DHL Parcel UK to collect from your door and deliver to his. Easy!

Hipster Dad? Father’s Day gifts aplenty - If the main man in your life has a fine mop of hair and / or a resplendent beard that needs looking after, that’s great too. There are some fantastic products out there for keeping him well maintained, neat and tidy – grooming kits, shaving sets and other manly items will be sure to put a smile on his (perfectly groomed) face. You could buy a ready-made pack or make your own with everything you know he needs. Pack it nicely in a basket or gift box with good packaging, to make sure everything is secure and safe – then weigh and measure the whole parcel and send it with DHL Parcel UK to make it a Fathers Day surprise he’ll remember for a long time to come.

Lovely leather as a Father’s Day gift - Most men like a nice wallet – even if he complains you’ve emptied it constantly since you were little – leather goods in general are often well received. Most men’s fashion brands have wallets, phone cases and currency sleeves – as well as key fobs, tablet cases, small satchels and weekend bags to suit every dad. Novelty or classic, embossed with his name or inlaid with initials, in black, brown or pretty much any other colour these days, the only limit will be what you want to spend.

When you’re ready to send your gift with DHL Parcel UK, remember that all our UK deliveries come with £25 cover as standard (£50 for international shipping) – so if your parcel has a higher value than that, you’ll want to upgrade to a higher cover amount. It will cost a little more, but not that much, and you can rest assured if something unexpected happens in transit, you’ll be covered.

Some countries don’t allow leather through customs though – so it pays to check the restrictions for the destination beforehand.  

Golf mad Dad? - Ok, so you might not be able to treat him to a full set of new clubs, but there are plenty of cheaper options for the golfing enthusiast on Fathers Day. A set of silver golf tees, divot repairer and a ball marker – engraved with ‘dad’ (or without if you prefer) will set you back about £25.

Golf towels, themed cufflinks, a wash bag in the shape of a golf caddy … all affordable and just as importantly, lightweight and so inexpensive to post – check our parcel collection and delivery prices to see just how little it costs to send Dad a gift with DHL Parcel UK.  

Motorsport mementos for Father’s Day - Some dads absolutely love spending time outside cleaning the car – washing, waxing, polishing and tinkering for hours with their pride and joy. Some, not so much, but they do like it when the motor is mint, so if you know a car cleaning kit will only get dusty in the garage, why not gift him a wash, wax and valet?

Or how about a driving experience gift – like a rally day, or circuit laps in a supercar (Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini, anyone?), or getting mega mucky on a 4x4 trail? There are many to chose from all over the UK - and will make memories that last for a long time.   

Although you can’t put a valet or a trackday in a parcel, you can always get creative with a hand made or printed voucher, box that up nicely and send it to him – then he gets the surprise of something through the post as well as an awesome Fathers Day treat!

Beware: Dad in the kitchen - The days of men not knowing their way round the kitchen – or the difference between a griddle and a griller - are pretty much a thing of the past now, and chances are your dad will be a keen cook with at least a couple of specialist dishes that he’s known for. So how about a gift that resonates with his passion? A pasta maker or ravioli tin for the Italian fan, or if it’s Spanish cuisine that he likes, how about a paella kit… a meat tenderiser or steak thermometers for the carnivores or a tool set for the BBQ boss!

Accessories like a good cotton apron or oven gloves are handy in the kitchen – and there are a huge array of gadgets and tools to please even the most discerning chef!

If you’re choosing something that will be going in the post, just remember to wrap and package it well; glass and porcelain or china will be more at risk of getting damaged in transit, so look for metal, wood, rubber or silicone items for sending. Keep it lightweight and it’ll be a cheap parcel too! See our prices for parcel collection and delivery.

Just make it personal - Whatever makes your dad happy, knowing you’ve thought about the gift you give will certainly make him smile – and if you can make that gift as bespoke as possible, all the better! Fortunately, there are plenty of companies offering all sorts of things that can be personalised – so if you’re not sure what to give, but you know you want it to bear his name, initials or a message perhaps, then start at one of these websites. The range of gift ideas is enormous, which means you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect present for your Pa.


So you can see with a little thought and effort, it needn’t be a ‘same old, same old’ Father’s Day this year. No matter where your dad lives, you can send him a gift he’s sure to love – and it wont cost you a packet with DHL Parcel UK.