Father’s Day generally doesn’t get the attention that Mother’s Day  does, but for many it’s just as important of a celebration. Dad, Stepdad, Granddad, Uncle or Godfather – all can be a father figure in your life, and all are worthy of a little token of appreciation or acknowledgment – no matter your age. 

Some of the most standard Father’s Day gifts include items like aftershave or a bottle of alcohol. Perhaps this year a more unique gift may do the trick! Either way, the father figure in your life will be grateful that you’ve taken the time to choose gifts for Father’s Day that are especially for them.

We’ve prepared a guide on some of the most interesting gifts for Father’s Day to help you on your way this year.





Gifts for Father’s Day seem to start showing up on our mobile and television screens as the day gets closer, and usually act as a reminder for us to get our act together. If your father figure doesn’t live close by, you’ll need to establish when you’re sending your gifts for Father’s Day, or your card, to ensure that they arrive in good time.

In the UK Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, whereas if your father lives abroad, there are a range of dates for Dads to be celebrated. Italy celebrates ‘Festa del Papà’ in March, while Spain celebrates ‘Día del Padre’ in the same month. 

A lot of Oceanic countries like Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September, while Scandinavian fathers have to wait until the second Sunday in November for their celebrations.





For some, it may be the first time where they can celebrate Father’s Day being a Dad. Ensuring you can get a great first Father’s Day gift can make him feel truly appreciated and can even provide mementos that he’ll keep for years to come.

There are some great Father’s Day gifts for new fathers, including matching outfits, useful sleep aid devices, tablet stands so he can multi-task or even something personal or handmade from a platform like Etsy

Even if Dad isn’t the sentimental type, a first Father’s Day gift can have a major impact.





Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? Wondering what makes a good Father’s Day gift? Each Dad, or father figure is different, and so is every budget for presents. As much as we’d all love to spoil our loved ones, it’s important to think on a more personal level – consider his interests, hobbies and what makes him tick. Father’s Day gifts are a lot more special when they come from the heart!


The old faithfuls

Quite often, Father’s Day gifts involve one of two things; aftershave, or alcohol. A nice scent or a nice bottle of his favourite tipple can be well received by our father figures, but unfortunately neither of these items can be sent through the DHL eCommerce UK network. 

Both items are on our prohibited items list and many countries will not allow them through customs either, so unless you’re sending it directly to his house from a local supplier, or dropping it at his door, you may need to think of a different idea! 


Force-related favourites

Whether your Dad would appreciate a Star Wars related Father’s Day gift to turn him into a Jedi Master, or is a huge Game of Thrones fan and wants to show off his House Stark regalia, you can find a plethora of fantastic gifts online for a Dad who loves getting his geek on.

If you can’t find the Droids you’re looking for online, then try local shops too. Once you’re ready to send your Father’s Day parcel, get a quote for DHL eCommerce UK to collect from your door and deliver directly to him.


Lovely leather

Everybody loves a nice wallet – and even though Dads like to complain that you may be the reason they’re empty, leather goods are generally well received. Most fashion brands have wallets, phone cases or sleeves, as well as other options. 

You can even emboss the item with his initials and choose a colour that suits him. When you’re ready to send it to him, all of our UK-based deliveries come with £25 cover (or £50 when sending internationally), so if your parcel has a higher value then you can upgrade to a higher amount. Please be aware that some countries don’t allow leather through customs!


The right type of club

While Dad might appreciate you taking him clubbing, you can get him the right type of club as a Father’s Day Gift instead. Whether you want to send a set of golf clubs, or other golf-related items like tees or a divot repairer, you can do so via DHL eCommerce UK.

For smaller, lightweight items, you can save money as they are inexpensive to post. Our parcel collection and delivery prices can help you figure out how much sending to Dad could cost.


Experiences or gift cards

It may seem like an easy way out of buying a physical gift for Father’s Day, but experiences or gift cards should always be paired with a little bit of creativity. 

Whether you’ve booked a Father’s Day gift Driving Experience or have put £30 on a card for his favourite cinema chain, you can get creative with a handmade or printed visualiser, before boxing it up and sending it to him through the post.





No matter what Father’s Day gifts you get for your Dad, knowing you’ve put thought and effort into it will certainly make him smile. Even if money is tight and you need to make a bespoke gift yourself – he’s sure to be grateful. 

With a little thought and effort, it doesn’t need to be the ‘same old’ for Father’s Day this year. No matter where your father figure is based – in the UK or internationally, you can send him a gift he’ll love with DHL eCommerce UK.