Are you an avid golfer that needs to send a set of clubs ahead of time for a golfing holiday? Perhaps you’re looking to sell your clubs online. Regardless, it’s crucial to package golf clubs correctly to ensure they reach their destination in the same condition they were sent. 

Golf clubs are valuable and delicate sporting equipment, prone to damage in transit if not handled with the correct level of care. Packaging clubs correctly, in a golf club shipping box for example, can not only ensure their safe arrival – but also showcase your level of care if you’re selling them.





Sending a set of golf clubs, or even a singular club, can be a tricky task – especially without the right information. 

We recommend that you purchase golf club shipping boxes ahead of posting golf clubs, as this will ensure that your equipment remains in the best possible condition. The box should be long enough to fit the longest club – the driver – comfortably.



There are a number of key tricks that can make posting golf clubs easier for a sender. If you have a bag for the clubs you can wrap them as described below and place the zipped bag into a strong cardboard box – otherwise, our tips will be useful:

Utilise a head cover
Regardless of whether you’re sending a singular club or multiple, send the clubs with a headcover on as it will provide further protection for your equipment and reduce the potential for scratches.

Wrap each club individually
Wrap the club’s shaft with bubble wrap or a similar material and secure it with tape. Use two sheets of wrap for the club’s head and secure that also.

Organise the clubs
If you send a complete set, bundle them closely together using extra wrap and parcel tape before placing them into a golf club shipping box. Ensure they fit snugly so that they are less likely to move in transit.

Fill the golf club shipping box
Use packing chips to fill the space and minimise any movement, before securely sealing the box. 





If you’ve sold golf clubs online or are gifting them to a friend, then you’ll need to send them through our golf club courier service – but there may be other reasons for sending golf clubs too.

Often golf enjoyers will schedule holidays around playing the sport, and some will even enter tournaments abroad. Rather than paying for extra baggage and carrying a secondary bag through the airport, you can send your golf clubs ahead of time, as long as there is a recipient willing to store them in the foreign country.

Tournaments are often held in Spain and the United States. We’re able to send parcels across the globe – so be sure to check whether our golf club courier service could suit your playing habits.





Posting golf clubs can be a stress-free experience when you follow proper packaging techniques and choose a reliable shipping option like ours. 

Ship your golf clubs with confidence today, and get a quote on sending a singular club or your entire set by using our quick quote tool.