There are so many things you can send to friends and family studying away from home. Sending care packages in the UK is made even more convenient with the fast, cheap and reliable parcel collection and delivery services available, both across the UK and Internationally. So you can have peace of mind that your care package delivery will arrive with loved ones, in no time at all. You can send a small care package (up to 5kg) from just £2.79* or if you're feeling more generous, an extra-large parcel (up to 30kg) from just £8.80*. Get a quick quote to see how cost-effective it is to send a student care package across the UK or Internationally with DHL eCommerce UK.




When it comes to sending a uni care package to a family member or friend, there are a number of items that you can choose to fill the package with. As long as they can be shipped by us at DHL eCommerce UK, you can send a care package filled with exciting goods that let the recipient know that you care. The clue is in the name, we guess!

Some of the most popular items to include in a university care package delivery are:

  1. Dried Goods
  2. Vouchers
  3. Laundry detergent
  4. Pictures
  5. Favourite snacks

Dried goods

Gravy granules, stuffing mix, soup sachets, porridge pots – dried goods like these are cheap and easy to send through the post (as there on no restrictions) and keep your loved one’s cupboard stocked for those days where money maybe a bit tight for them. Don’t forget a student’s favourite selection either – instant noodles can be upgraded with vegetables or enjoyed on their own! Dried goods help to create the perfect uni care package and they keep your delivery costs down too as these items are generally light weight and won’t take up loads of room in a care package. To make your uni care package extra special, why not send your loved ones the more premium brands instead of the ‘no-frills/basic’ brands?



Book stores, favourite shops, restaurants – university is a time where money is undoubtedly tight and the costs of eating out, books and clothing cannot always be covered by a student loan (or the bank of mum and dad). Why not send a voucher to your friend or loved one, so they can have a nice meal out, buy that book needed for their course or simply get a new outfit for their next big night out. And of course, their size makes them a perfect addition to a student care package as they can be tucked away among other items.


Laundry detergent

It might not seem like the most exciting thing to receive in a care package delivery, but a pack of the same laundry detergent that is used at home can bring lots of comfort to a loved one living away from home. Make sure you check our guide to sending liquids and fluids in the post before sending laundry pods or liquids in your care package.



Of all the things they're missing, your away-from-home loved one is probably missing their family the most - even if they don't admit it. A group photo or portrait of you and them, or even the family pet, in a nice frame is definitely the next best thing to being there. Just remember to pack the frame wisely in the uni care package, especially if there’s glass in it, and everything will be fine. Read our top tips for packaging and posting your parcel here.


Favourite snacks

Sending their favourite crisps, chocolates or other snacks can be a wonderful treat to receive and, in most cases, they are absolutely fine to send in the post. Ensure you send these student care package super-items in their original packaging from the manufacturer. Home baked goods shouldn’t be sent via any postal carrier as they are perishable. Read our top tips for sending food and drink in the post.




Once you’ve decided what to put in your student care package make sure you’ve checked our prohibited and restricted items list. Our life hacks guide on how to weigh and measure your parcel without scales or a ruler will also help you figure out which UK parcel size to send or what weight and dimensions you need to enter into our quick quote if sending internationally.

Ready to send? Get a quick quote on care package delivery today.