Gift ideas to send your US and Canadian friends and family

Surprise and delight someone this Thanksgiving with a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift. Read on for Thanksgiving offerings that'll put smiles on faces across the miles.

The United States and Canada have something that a lot of other countries are particularly jealous of - a national holiday besides Christmas where you get the whole family together to eat, drink and be merry.

We’re talking about Thanksgiving; celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October and the United States on the fourth Thursday of November every year and it's traditionally for people to give thanks for a good harvest and other fortunes in the past year. It's also a day where friends and family can share gifts. For those living in the UK this means sending gifts to the United States or Canada (or possibly to friends living in Europe) - but what really makes for a good seasonal Thanksgiving present? Here are some suggestions for Thanksgiving packages you can send that'll put smiles on faces, wherever they are.


The Thanksgiving dinner is the big activity of the day for most families, and the dining table centrepiece is a crucial element - second only to the food, of course. Sometimes the kids will make the centrepiece at school, other times it's a rushed last-minute affair, but a great gift would be to send a Thanksgiving package with a dinner centrepiece to your friends or family.

Perhaps you're an arts and crafts wizard looking for Thanksgiving gift ideas? If so, you could put together your own centrepiece and send it in a parcel to the United States. It could be a piece showcasing your carpentry skills (a carved wooden turkey or historical scene, for example) or even an imaginative floral display (using artificial flowers - it must be shipped to the US after all).

Maybe you've picked up an item at a vintage market or an antique shop that you think your family will adore?

Get it packaged up and shipped, then await the happy photos on Thanksgiving Day. Just remember to check the DHL eCommerce UK prohibited items list as well as those restricted or prohibited in the United States and Canada - just to be sure you don’t send anything you shouldn’t through the post.


There's never a bad time to receive a food hamper, but at a time when you're expected to cater for more people than normal - like Thanksgiving - they're particularly welcome. This is why they make such great gift.

Big spreads of cheese, bread, muffins, cakes etc. are ideal, but remember there are restrictions on what you can send in the post. Generally, commercially packaged teas, coffees, candies, condiments, and spices are fine; fresh produce like meats, however, are highly restricted as they could go bad during shipping and are classed as a risk to the importing country.

For more specific advice about what can be carried by DHL eCommerce UK, see our guides on sending food and drink in the post and sending fluids in the post - and don’t forget our own prohibited items list too.

We also recommend you check the restricted and prohibited items for the United States or Canada before putting your Thanksgiving packages together.


Here's one for the sports fans. Every Thanksgiving there's an NFL game which enthrals people across the US and around the world – tens of millions of people watch it live – so perhaps getting a friend or family member a new NFL jersey would make for a great Thanksgiving gift.

There's no guarantee that their favourite team will be playing, but let's face it; on a day like Thanksgiving, being neutral and able to watch the game purely for the fun of it (rather than squirming and sweating every decision) means there's more time to eat and drink!

Sending a jersey in the post to the US or Canada won’t cost the earth as they're fairly lightweight – and in most cases will be protected by our standard £50 contents cover. You can always get a quote to see how much it will be.


Just like centrepieces and food, any gift which helps out the host on Thanksgiving Day will be warmly welcomed and appreciated; new kitchen or dining equipment is perfect to send as a Thanksgiving present.

Whether it's a gorgeous set of wine glasses, a large pie tray or a sturdy casserole dish, just make sure it's packaged appropriately and that it arrives with plenty of time for the recipient to unwrap, enjoy and use it.

See our packaging advice for guidance on how to send a fragile item without it getting broken to make sure it arrives in one piece.


It’s never too early to get organised with your gifts and have them ready to send in advance so you can avoid any postal delays in the USA and Canada. Remember, it falls on the run up to Christmas, so don’t leave it too late!

Use our handy tool to get a quote for international shipping today, before sending your Thanksgiving gifts with DHL eCommerce UK.