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We think customer loyalty deserves to be recognised. That’s why we created our Gold and Silver Membership schemes. On a monthly basis, we reward our biggest senders with money straight back into their DHL eCommerce UK pre-pay account which can be used to send even more parcels in the future.

How does it work?

Step 1

Spend over £200 in one month to qualify as a Silver Member or £500 to qualify as a Gold Member.

Step 2

We'll send you an email to let you know you are a Silver or Gold Member.

Step 3

We'll pay the money into your DHL eCommerce UK pre-pay account within 3 working days.

Step 4

You can use this money to send even more parcels at any time in the future.

How do I qualify?

All you need to do is spend more than £200 in one calendar month to qualify for our Silver rewards scheme or over £500  in one calendar month to qualify for our Gold rewards scheme. The more you spend the more you get back - if you spend over £3,000 in one month then we'll pay £50 into your pre-pay account.

See how much you need to spend to qualify for our Gold and Silver Membership reward schemes below:

How do I qualify?


We'll pay

Spend more than £3,000

£50 into your account

Spend more than £2,000

£30 in to your account

Spend more than £1,000

£15 in to your account

Spend more than £500

£10 in to your account

Spend more than £200 £5 in to your account

*Terms and conditions apply

This isn't a one-time offer - every time you spend over £200 in a single month, you'll get money back into your pre-pay account.

Silver rewards?

If you are a regular shipper but don’t quite spend £500 each month, we don’t want you to miss out. With our Silver rewards scheme, we’ll pay £5 in to your pre-pay account every time you spend more than £200 in one calendar month. Your reward credit can be used at any time to send more parcels.



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Many ways to save


Our Gold and Silver reward schemes are just one of the many ways we reward our regular shippers. Check out our top tips to bring down the cost of sending a parcel below:

1. Pre-pay and save

Receive up to 3% cashback into your pre-pay account when you add funds (Terms apply).


2. Send multiple parcels

The more you send, the more you save. Multi parcel discounts available on some UK services (Terms apply). 

3. Drop off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint

Save money when you drop your parcels off at one of our 3,500 ServicePoints or 50+ DHL eCommerce UK depots (Terms apply).

Take a look at our discounts and rewards page to discover more ways you can save.

How can we support your business?

Quick Send

Link your chosen marketplace platform with DHL eCommerce UK to get your e-commerce orders out quickly.

Every time you sell an item, we’ll automatically fill in our booking form for you, saving you valuable admin time.

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Gold Membership Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum spend does not include VAT, payment charges, declared value charge and reimbursements.
  • The credit earned at the end of the month will be deposited into your pre-pay account by the third working day of the following month.
  • The amount credited as a reward must be spent on sending parcels and cannot be withdrawn.
  • To benefit from this offer, you need to be a registered user. Registration should be completed no later than 20 working days after the day you receive the confirmation email about your credit.

See full terms and conditions