Often, the packaging of your product is the first point of physical contact that a consumer might have with your merchandise. If it isn’t, and you’re selling to a returning customer, upgrading your packaging could have a positive influence on someone purchasing more in the future.

In the age of social media, a well-designed package can do wonders for your business, side-hustle, or brand. It could be the difference between someone sharing their parcel on social platforms, telling their friends, or staying loyal to you. Creative packaging design is one of the most influential ways to draw your customers in.


Packaging design is certainly part of the visual identity of your eBay or Etsy store, or even your brand. Sending items with a consistent style of packaging can help strengthen your identity with customers, and this could be through including a logo, intricate stencils, or as simple as using eco-friendly packaging.


If your packages are sent custom-made with exceptional stencils, patterns, or more, you’re certainly going to catch the eye of your customer. While they’ve already ordered from you, creative packaging design gives you another opportunity to impress at one of the first physical points of contact, and one of the last in the sending process.

Memorable unboxing experiences are key. Truly enjoying opening your goods as a consumer gives you the opportunity to share your experience online – something that others love to witness alongside you, as shown by the consistent rise in the unboxing video trend.


Providing that experience doesn’t have to be via an exuberant style approach, however. Simple packaging design can have a similar result, depending on the product you’re sending, and the demographic of the consumer that purchased it.

Using your logo and shouting about using eco-friendly packaging or adding a personal touch could be all that is necessary to deliver the intended effect.


Are you wondering “how important is packaging design?”, the answer is very. Think of a number of top brands and online stores that are instantly recognisable by their packaging. ASOS is an excellent example, with their geometric black-and-white bags. If you’ve ordered from them before, their packaging is something that sticks in the brain.

As mentioned previously, parcel packaging is, aside from the product you are selling, one of the only physical representations of your business or side-hustle a consumer is going to see. Things like eco-consciousness, luxury and more can all be showcased on the parcel packaging that the item is delivered in – so if you’re selling a premium product, having a creative packaging design that oozes premium can heighten the luxury appeal of the purchase.

There’s also added value in packaging design. You can utilise your parcels to inform customers of future promotions, other products you offer and more.


If you’re planning on designing your own packaging, it’s time to start thinking outside the box – no pun intended. As a small business owner, having your logo front and centre can certainly bring several benefits, and ordering a few different sizes of parcel packaging and testing various outcomes can bring some delightfully stylish results.

Starting off simple is the best way – and if you see a positive return from your efforts then potentially scale up and continually improve as time progresses. You could potentially utilise colours that match your business aesthetic as a start point.

It isn’t just the outside of the box you should be thinking about either, as improving the unboxing experience inside through personal messaging or notes, small gifts or samples, or even a way to re-use or recycle the packaging are a great way to let your personality shine through. You can learn more about creating unboxing experiences in our handy resource.

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