Packaging is constantly evolving, and so is what customers tend to expect from your delivery too. For small businesses, consumers do expect less – but if you can make the extra effort, you may just make a consumer’s day and have a repeat customer on your hands.

What is important about packaging has evolved too, with two main pieces standing out in the psyche of a consumer – experience and sustainability.

How should packaging for small businesses make consumers feel? How sustainable should it be? Find out more in our resource.



While you may think the quality of the product should be the stand out part of your business – the packaging you’re sending the product in is important itself.

A number of large brands truly make a premium product feel premium by layering different types of packaging and including key brand influences. Small businesses can do similar with their product.

Not only is the protection and preservation of your product important when it’s travelling around the UK (or the world), but the experience the consumer receives when they’re unboxing your product could provide you with free marketing and promote customer retention. For some consumers, unboxing is just as significant as the product they’ve ordered!

As well as this, ensuring packaging is sustainable is key, with many consumers now more wary of their carbon footprint and the impact of their favourite brands on the environment. If you can provide a memorable experience and be sustainable, then kudos!

Give your small business that boost and stand out from the crowd.



There are a few ways that you can improve your small business packaging, ranging from picking the right colours, to the actual design. We’ve prepared some of the best ways to improve yours, so you can get started with packaging orders for your small business.

Pick the right colours

Colours have connotations. Red generally signifies danger, while blue could signify calmness, and brands often use this to their advantage.

Your small business should have a brand styling, a colour palette that will likely match things like the logo. Picking the right colours for your packaging can help to elevate your brand.

Multi-dimensional design

Put patterns on the bottom of your boxes. Etch styled graphics into the cardboard. Show consumers how to make toys for their children by cutting and folding the packaging in a certain way.

Exciting the consumer with visual components of the packaging, or added experiences can make a big difference for your brand. Excuse the pun, but think outside of the box!

Small business sustainability

Sustainable packaging is important. Not only will you be reducing your environmental impact, but you’re helping sustainable packaging become the normal packaging used across businesses worldwide.

Not only can you use plant-based bags or recyclable materials, but using things like organic glue or other sustainable sealants can make a huge difference too!

Personalisation haven

Including handwritten thank you notes, writing the customer’s name on a note in the box, adding sweets into the parcel or even free samples of future products or discount codes. These are all ways to give your product an added touch.

A bit of extra effort can go a long way in the eyes of your customer.

That’s a wrap

From clothing to woodwork, whatever it is that you’re including in your small business packaging, wrapping the item can turn it from a product to a gift. Studies have shown that humans just love unwrapping things, and are more likely to feel happy when doing so due to positive conditioning.

Package your item, but keep it wrapped inside for that added gift-like feeling.



When you’ve finished packaging orders for your small business, you need to send them to your customers! From UK-wide shipping to worldwide shipping, DHL eCommerce UK can help your small business on its way to its destination.

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