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If you’re a collector of records looking to sell some of your LPs to make room for new additions, or you’re looking to resell rarities that you’ve found on your travels, selling vinyl records online and sending them to the recipient could not be easier.

Selling records online is simple and sending them even more so. While you’ll need specific vinyl record packaging to protect the item and safely send it in the post, there are a plethora of online websites where you can successfully sell your sounds.




Vinyl records have made their comeback – and now new and old releases are going for a pretty penny in stores and online. Collectors are looking out for their favourite albums, while others are checking out the corners of their attic to see if they’ve got an old classic that they are happy to part with.

When you’re selling records online, we recommend ‘Grading’ them, or checking out the condition and giving them a rating. This rating can range from Mint (M) to Poor (P) or Fair (F) – and most records that have been played will not be anywhere near Mint or Near Mint condition. This grading should include the quality of the sleeve too.

Make sure you’re identifying your record properly too – there should be a label or serial number on the record of sleeve, which you can check against online catalogues to work out useful information like which edition you own.

Pricing your records should generally be based upon what others are currently listing the item for. You can review the historic selling data of records online to see how much an item has sold for most recently.




There are a range of ways to sell records online in the UK – from dedicated websites for trading and selling to online marketplaces like eBay. Selling on online marketplaces may take a little longer – but you may be able to get more money for your item, especially if it’s rare, thanks to a bidding war.

Popular website Discogs is an excellent place to sell vinyl records online, allowing you to set up your own shop, list items on their trading platform and get paid with ease.




So, you’ve sold a record online, but now you’re wondering how to package it ready for sending. It sounds like a tough thing to do, especially when you’re wanting to keep the record safe.

Things to avoid when packaging vinyl records:

When you’re packaging a vinyl to be sent by post or courier, avoid over-packaging. Using swathes of bubble wrap, tape, and stiffener is going to cause the recipient a lot of trouble when they’re trying to open their parcel – and could potentially damage the vinyl.

Things to do when packaging vinyl records:

Remove the record from its sleeve before packaging and posting. Not doing so can cause impacts to the parcel, which in turn can cause the record to burst through and degrade the sleeves. Picking up a snug fit mailer and “sandwiching” the vinyl between its inner and outer sleeve is key.

Reinforcing the corners of the package is important. If the sleeve is damaged in transit, the value of the record drops. If you are sending a record, find specialist mailers that are reinforced. We have a lot of advice on packaging parcels.

Make sure you get the right vinyl record packaging

It’s key to ensure that you’ve picked the right size of packaging. Vinyls can come in either 7-inch or 12-inch sizes, so make sure you’ve picked up the right packaging to suit what you’re selling.




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