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When you regularly frequent comic book stores, it’s easy to amass a large collection that may need some trimming from time to time. Whether you’re looking to make space for something new, make money from something a little more rare, or you want to turn selling comics into a bona fide side hustle, selling comic books online and sending them to the eventual buyer is easy with DHL eCommerce UK.

With the right comic book packaging, you can send comic books by courier for next day delivery after selling them on any number of relevant websites.

Want to learn more on how to sell comic books? Read on.




While some of the most expensive comic books in history include introductions to Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and the X-Men, it’s pretty unlikely that any collectors are going to have their hands on something quite that special, as most of those were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

However, you could certainly be the owner of something worth hundreds of pounds! And even if that’s not the case, even some normal comics can be well worth selling. 

Much like any other collectables that are sellable online, it’s worthwhile grading the quality of your item to ensure that a prospective buyer can have a clearer idea of what they’re purchasing. You can attempt a grade yourself, or get an official one by sending the item to a grading company; where you’ll receive the item back with a grade ranging from Mint (M) to Poor (P), or a number like 10 (Gem-Mint) or 1 (Poor).

Most comics, regardless of publisher are numbered to showcase the position in the story they contain. #1 is often the start of a new story, while if you own a #32, you’ve probably missed some key information somewhere. On the front or back cover, or even within the first few pages of the comic, you’ll be able to tell whether the comic has a regular or variant cover, whether it is a first edition print and much more.




There are a wide range of ways to sell comics online, including selling on online marketplaces like eBay or even Amazon. Posting comics for sale on marketplaces may take a little longer for them to sell, but with options like eBay there is the potential to make more money.

Online, there are several companies that you can get your collection valued and sell through their websites. Many of these are based in the United States but have affiliates worldwide that can help you sell from the UK, but there are some domestic based websites like WeBuyAnyComic




Ready to send after selling comics online? If you’re wondering how comic book packaging works and what the best ways to send your comics are, then look no further. Packing your comics singularly or in bulk is relatively easy!

There are some key things to consider when sending comics in the post or via courier:

Bag and board

Ideally, when you’re sending a comic it should be placed on a sturdy sheet of comic book board to stop the comic from bending while in its packaging and during its shipping journey. The board must be acid-free, so make sure to check that, otherwise it could damage the paper on the comic. 

Once it’s placed against the board, putting it in a clear polypropylene, polyethylene or mylar bag depending on the grade of the comic that you’re shipping. Polypropylene is the cheapest option and considered to be low quality bagging, whereas polyethylene bags will last longer and are of a higher quality. Mylar bags are thicker but far most expensive – and require some caution as some types of mylar bag are too thick and can cause a comic book to tear.

Sending single comics

If you’re sending a single comic, using reinforced packaging often sent with books is the best shout. This means that any impact that the parcel may take on its way to the recipient should have no effect on the actual item.

You can get specifically made comic book packaging online, but if you’re unable to find that, then sandwiching the bagged comic between two pieces of measured carboard and shipping in a cardboard mailer should be okay.

Sending multiple comics

Most clued up collectors contain their collection within white comic or magazine boxes, which are corrugated double-walled boxes designed for the safe storage and shipping of comics and magazines. 

Simply popping some of these boxes in a larger, sturdy carboard box that has been sufficiently taped up and with the right space-filling materials should provide the perfect shipping method for the sold comics.




Managed to sell comic books online and need to send them quicky and easily? DHL eCommerce UK is here to help. 

You can get a quick quote from us to figure out how much sending your comic books domestically or internationally will cost you. Simply enter the destination information and the size of the parcel you’re sending for a free parcel delivery quote!