When starting an online business, you have the option to do so from the comfort of your own home. That’s a benefit in itself, but when you’re able to send your product from your home with DHL eCommerce UK as well – there are plenty of reasons to begin your new business today.

Starting a small business can be hard – but we’ve prepared some business ideas to help you on your way, as well as information surrounding packaging and marketing your new venture.



The past couple of years have shown that most work is possible from home, and starting a small business is no different. In fact, for many it makes sense – parents are able to choose flexible working hours, and those who enjoy the jet-set lifestyle can, at times, take their work on the go.

Some small business ideas from home would require you to purchase items or even machinery to help you start up, but can often be very profitable if things take off.

3D Printing

It may take a bit of mastering and have a start-up cost, but 3d printing is a great example of how you can make money from the comfort of your own home. Clients can contact you with a model, which you print before posting and enjoying your profit.

There are even websites that match customers looking for 3D printers with those willing to print, allowing you to focus on the action rather than the negotiations.

Content Creation

You may have heard about the millionaire YouTubers and streamers who can spend their time creating content for others to enjoy. The likelihood of you getting to that level any quicker than a decade is low, but many smaller YouTubers and streamers can make careers out of pairing their work with things like merchandise.

If you’re a great gamer or have a penchant for pranks, why not give it a go? Pair your efforts with a cool t-shirt design and see what happens. You can send your merchandise with DHL eCommerce UK!

Offer Consultancy or Advice

Are you an expert in a specific area? Have you worked in a role for a long time and could offer sound advice to companies and clients?

You could be a consultant about anything if you have the experience that a client needs. Advise, plan and lead teams through projects – and make connections for the future while you do.



If you’re great at making things or have a hobby like crocheting or painting, you can get creative when you’re making your small business. Depending on how long your creative ideas take, you could opt to do these as homemade side hustles alongside a full-time job.

Creative ideas often require some level of talent, but there are areas where you can learn and improve over time.

Graphic Design

Trying your hand at becoming a freelance designer could be the creative small business idea you’ve been looking for!

Ideally, you’ll need a strong portfolio of work to pick up regular clients, but learning the trade and improving over time should help with that.

Selling digital logos or social media graphics is an option, or you can print posters and sell them on websites like Etsy.

Making Fashion Items

Speaking of Etsy, if you are able to crochet or knit, you could turn to making fashion items like bags, jumpers or even hats which you can sell online.

Opting for exciting or interesting designs can make you stand out on marketplace websites.


Another creative idea that you can make an online small business from is photography – not only can you offer your services to people via your own website, but you can also sell your photographs online.

Stock image websites like Shutterstock and copyright free websites like Unsplash can help you to make money from some of your top snaps.



When you’re sending your products across the United Kingdom or even internationally as a small business, you’re going to want to make an impression that sticks. After all, people may share your great packaging on social media and then you’ve got some free marketing.

Some great small business packaging ideas include:

  • Including your “brand colours” within your packaging.
  • Internal decorations within the packaging, like paper wrapping.
  • Eco-friendly options – sustainability is important!
  • Personalised options like a handwritten thank you note.


Looking for marketing ideas for a small business? There are plenty of proven options that you can utilise, even if your small business is online-based.

Some great marketing ideas include:

  • Hosting competitions on social media platforms.
  • Producing video tutorials of how you create your product.
  • Writing blog content for your business website.
  • Utilise user-generated content – encourage people to tag you in posts!


So, you’ve read through a range of small business ideas, and also how to package your product and market it too – now you need to send your product to customers.

DHL eCommerce UK can offer next day UK delivery for both small and large parcels, international delivery and even courier delivery that picks up the parcel from your home.

Start your online small business today and utilise DHL eCommerce UK every step of the way.