Wondering how to post a guitar? Sending a guitar in the post should be quick and easy, even though it’s a bit of an awkward-shaped parcel. Our handy guide provides you with all the tips and tricks to package and post your guitar carefully with our dedicated guitar courier service.


Preparing to Post A Guitar


When sending a guitar in the post, we advise that you place the guitar in a hard case. Due to their dainty fragments, guitars and many other musical instruments are fragile items to send in the post. With this in mind, you should prepare your guitar in the following way:


1. Start by de-tuning or slacking your guitar strings to release any tension from the fretboard. Failing to do so can result in the strings snapping in shipment – causing damage or unwanted scratches to the body of the instrument.

2. Next, line your hard case with bubble wrap, this will act as a cushion for the instrument, you may even want to provide extra bubble wrap around the neck of the guitar for additional support.

3. Then wrap the whole of the guitar in bubble wrap and place it securely in its hard case. This provides an extra layer of protection along the courier journey. You can purchase a guitar shipping box to help you keep the instrument safe on its journey.


Packaging A Guitar


Before purchasing your packaging materials, you should consider the size and weight of the guitar – as opting for heavier materials will result in higher costs. The best route of action is to purchase packaging for posting that is adequate enough to protect your guitar in transit, but nothing too heavy or big where your costs increase and your item is able to move around. Try to find a specifcally designed guitar shipping box to help.


When shipping a guitar, you will need:


  • Scissors
  • A strong box (or a specific guitar shipping box)
  • Tape
  • Foam padding or polystyrene chips
  • Bubble wrap


Before booking your guitar courier, we advise you take these steps to prepare the instrument for shipping:


1. Once the guitar is ready and closed inside a hard case, wrap the case securely with bubble wrap.

2. Next, you’ll want to source a strong cardboard box* that is robust enough to travel through transit. This is where most of your packaging budget should go; however, you don’t want a box that is too big either. This would give more room for the guitar to move around in transit, which could result in damage. A guide would be to leave a 6cm gap between the guitar and the box.
*In some cases, you can get boxes specifically designed for guitars. Many guitar sites already have these sourced so you could contact them or try to find your own. This would remove the need for a bigger box as a guitar shipping box is fit for purpose.

3. Finish off by filling any gaps with foam padding or polystyrene chips. This will restrict any movement from the guitar.

4. Tape your box up securely and place your shipping label clearly on the box.


Once your guitar is sealed and labelled up, it’s time to measure and weigh your parcel to obtain a quote. 

From here, you’re able to sort a guitar courier and send it to a location of your choice.





If you need to ship other instruments, like brass, wind and percussion options, there are a few key differences to note. 

However, something that should be uniform across any instrument shipping is ensuring that the instruments are insured to cover the monetary value and that the parcels are labelled clearly to avoid any potential loss or mishandling.

Get a quick quote today, before shipping a guitar or other instrument of your choice to its next destination. 


Make sure your parcel is covered


With DHL eCommerce UK, you can post your guitar in the UK or to over 160 countries internationally with our reliable courier service. As standard, we offer free £25 cover on all UK and Ireland deliveries and £50 for international deliveries. This can be upgraded should the item value exceed the £25 limit (£50 for international).



Transit times


If you are posting a guitar in the UK, your parcel can be delivered the next day*. If the guitar is travelling internationally, it can take 2-3 days*. When sending fragile items like musical instruments, it is worth opting for expedited delivery to minimise the time it spends in transit.

Remember not to use black outer packaging to wrap your parcel. Our automated parcel sortation systems can’t process it and using it for domestic shipping will lead to your parcel being delayed. In the case of international parcels, black packaging or wrapping will cause the parcel to be automatically returned.



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So you now have everything you need to post a guitar safely with DHL eCommerce UK, why not obtain a quote here?