Sending company gifts to customers is a great way of building relationships and retaining clients. Maybe you want to express your gratitude, celebrate the completion of a big project or simply wish them Merry Christmas with a thoughtful corporate Christmas gift – whatever your reason for sending a gift, you’ll find the perfect idea in our corporate gift sending guide.

Our top suggestions for company gifts are:

  1. Food Hampers
  2. Favourite tipples and drinks
  3. Cook baskets
  4. Artwork
  5. Branded merchandise
  6. Local gifts
  7. Plants
  8. Experience days

Read on to find out why.

8 Corporate Gift Suggestions

1. Food hamper

The edible gifts market exploded in 2020. With businesses having to shut due to Covid-19 restrictions, many cafes, shops and restaurants introduced food gifts online, whilst entrepreneurs started selling sweet treats directly from their kitchen.

If you are looking for a food hamper to send to your customer, you won’t be short of options! For example, a quick Google of ‘brownie boxes’ returns hundreds of companies selling beautifully presented brownies – all with nationwide delivery. More often than not these types of hampers can be turned into branded gifts too enabling you to delight customers and work in a little brand marketing at the same time.

2. A little tipple

When it comes to buying company gifts for customers, wine is usually the go-to choice. However, it can seem a little unoriginal. In fact, as a Christmas gift it’s likely to get lost amongst all the other bottles from suppliers.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you could send a hamper of craft beer and bar snacks instead. This is more original than a traditional bottle of wine, and if sending to a business, can be easily shared between the team to enjoy.

3. Cook basket

If your customer is a bit of a foodie, then a cook basket can make a perfect corporate gift! These hampers contain all the ingredients they need to make a delicious meal from the comfort of their own home.

4. Artwork

A piece of artwork is a more expensive gift than some of the other options on this list, but as a more thoughtful company gift it can be a great way of commemorating a special occasion. A personal piece can be more thoughtful than something generic – perhaps an illustration of their first premises or a map of the area their business originally served.

5. Branded merchandise

If you are sending corporate gifts to all of your customers, branded merchandise can be a good way of avoiding a big tax bill. As long as the gift is under £50 per recipient, has your logo on it and is business related (e.g. a notebook or pen), you won’t need to pay tax on it.

Sending branded merchandise as a gift to customers can feel a little cheap. To avoid this, we recommend using premium products, for example a leather bound notebook would feel more like a gift and not a promotional product.

6. Local gift

Is the place where your business is based is famous for its fudge or celebrated for its shortbread? Sending your customers something which your town is renowned for is a fun way of sharing a bit of your local culture with your clients.

7. Plant

Company gifts don’t come more loaded with meaning than a plant – the symbol of growth! Sending one to your customer will send a message that your two businesses will thrive together.

Remember, the plant will probably be kept at the office so try to choose something low maintenance. Succulents are a popular choice – they look great and only need to be watered once a week.

8. Experience days

If you don’t want your gift to be forgotten quickly, then an experience day is the way to go! For adrenaline junkies, a track day or sky dive is the perfect gift, while an afternoon tea or cooking class would be better suited for food lovers.

Packaging your corporate gift

You’ve selected the perfect gift, but now you need the right packaging to get it noticed!

1. Creative wrapping

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening a beautifully packaged parcel. Make sure your client has a positive unboxing experience, by wrapping your gift in tissue or wrapping paper.

2. Incorporate your logo in packaging

Make sure your customer instantly knows who the gift is from by sending a branded gift – this could be in the form of branded tissue paper or a gift bag with your logo on it. For a cheaper alternative, wrap your gift in plain paper and seal with a branded sticker.

3. Include a handwritten gift card

One of the main reasons you send a gift to a corporate customer, is to maintain the relationship – make sure it feels personal by including a handwritten note.

4. Show your green credentials

If possible, company gifts should use eco-friendly packaging to show your customer that your business cares about the environment. Swap polystyrene parcel chips for crinkle cut shredded paper and parcel tape for paper tape.

5. Make sure your parcel is adequately packaged

Make sure that your gift reaches your customer safely in one piece by packaging properly. Wrap your gift in plenty of bubble wrap (or an eco-friendly alternative) and surround with packaging chips so it can’t move around in transit.

For more tips on how to protect your parcel, take a look at our packaging guide.

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