The world of parcel delivery can be confusing – and sometimes the terminology can leave you wondering whether you’re picking the right option. Wondering what the difference is between recorded delivery and tracked delivery? Well, we can help!

The difference with recorded delivery and tracked delivery options, means our driver will obtain a signature from someone at the address when the parcel is delivered. When you use our tracking website, you’ll be able to see this additional information (who signed for the parcel and their signature), giving you additional recorded delivery proof.

Tracked delivery and recorded delivery or signed for delivery, over time, have become one in the same. Especially as technology advances and couriers are able to offer real time delivery tracking details alongside signed for delivery.

The great news is that at DHL Parcel UK, all of our parcel deliveries are tracked. This means that you and your recipient can use our online tracking at any time after collection to see exactly where your parcel is and when it has been delivered. Send with recorded delivery and tracking today. 





If you have an online business, then it is a good idea to invest in recorded delivery as a proof of delivery when sending customer orders to the UK. Recorded delivery costs you a little bit more to send, but it can be worth it in the long run, especially if you are sending expensive products. A signed for delivery option will give you and your customers peace of mind which can be worth a lot for a smaller business.

As a small business wanting to reduce risks, using a recorded delivery service can help with customer service enquiries and protect you against bogus claims that the customer hasn’t received the item. You will be able to login to manage your recorded delivery tracking and see the name of the person who has signed for the parcel, as well as an electronic signature proof of receipt. End-to-end, you'll have everything covered. 




Wondering how much it costs to send your UK parcel with recorded delivery securely within the UK?

At DHL Parcel UK we are able to offer competitive recorded delivery, as it costs just £1.25 extra to send your parcel using our signed for delivery service. If you are sending something valuable then recorded delivery is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that your parcel has been delivered safely to your recipient.

It is important to note that the ‘add a signature’ signed for delivery option is only available with some of our parcel delivery services.




To send your parcel recorded delivery anywhere in the UK, simply follow the steps below - they're a quick and easy way to sort recorded delivery and tracking whether you're a solo sender or small business. 


Step 1: Fill in our Quick Quote with details of your parcel delivery (note, recorded delivery is only available on parcels sent within the UK).

Step 2: Select the ‘Home delivery’ option (recorded delivery is not available when sending a parcel direct to a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint or depot for collection).

Step 3: The signature option can be found under the ‘Added Extras’ section of the Address Details page. Simply tick the box to add a signature and the price will automatically update.

Step 4: Confirm and pay for your parcel delivery.



When sending something valuable, you need a parcel delivery company you can trust to deliver your parcel safely to your recipient. That’s where we come in - we are committed to providing our senders and their recipients with a trustworthy and reliable service, and are proud to have earned a ‘Great’ score on Feefo based on thousands of open and honest reviews.

Get a quick quote and add signed for delivery as an option when you do, before sending your parcel at your earliest convenience.