With over 90% of UK adults owning or using a mobile handset and almost 20% of us living in a mobile-only household without a landline at all, it's no surprise that we often want the latest model, causing an influx of opportunities to sell old ones via eBay or other online marketplaces. This can result in the need to post mobile phones.

When you send a mobile in the post, you’ll want to make sure it reaches its destination safely and in good condition. When you ship a phone, the process isn’t without its challenges, but it is easier than you think with the right steps. Follow our guide below for best practice on how to post a mobile phone.


Can I post a mobile phone within the UK?

We will carry mobile phones through their UK and ROI network. With adequate cover and sensible packaging to guard against damage, you can send mobile handsets quite safely through the post.

Whilst our couriers are experienced to handle fragile items, you may want to opt to post your mobile phone via expedited delivery. This helps minimise the handling and time spent in transit.


The cost of posting a mobile handset

Your mobile phone along with the charger and accessories will fit comfortably within our small parcel delivery option - weighing up to 5kg with max measurements of 35cm x 35cm x 35cm - with prices starting from £2.79* using our next day delivery service.

Our parcel prices are calculated by volumetric weight; i.e. its length x width x height in centimetres (cm) divided by 5000. All you have to do is calculate the correct weight and dimensions of your parcel into our quick quote or booking form and we’ll work it all out for you.


How much will it cost for contents cover on a mobile phone sent by courier?

We strongly suggest you consider the extended contents cover options available to you when sending high value items such as mobile phones through our network.

Our default (free) contents cover is up to the value of £25.00 as most of the parcels going through our delivery services are of low value.

A mobile phone however, is likely to have a higher value than this - so you need to ensure you select extended contents cover to meet the value of the phone. See our full terms and conditions for more information about contents cover options.


Can I send a mobile phone Internationally?

There are a number of countries where sending batteries is prohibited entirely and others where they can be shipped, but not inside the phone (or another similar device) itself. As the sender, it’s your responsibility to find out what can and can’t be sent to the destination country – check the Customs information for the country you’re posting to and take a look at our specific International pages for further information.


Packaging mobile phones for posting - 5 simple steps!

As you’d expect, packaging your mobile phone securely will be instrumental to having it arrive safely and intact. You may want to consider weather conditions, sending a mobile phone in the post may even require waterproof packaging.

We have plenty of packaging advice for the UK and International delivery for all kinds of parcels; including fragile items – with mobile phone specific guidance below:

Step 1

Preferably, use the original box the mobile handset came in when new and pack your mobile phone as it was when you received it. If you don’t have the box anymore, wrap up the phone with at least 2cm of bubble wrap and find a box like the original. Use plenty of tape along all the box's seams and any flaps.

Step 2

You’ll need a second, slightly larger box to place your phone into before you send it. Pack the bottom of the larger box with a couple of inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips to make a ‘bed’ for your phone box to sit on.

Step 3

Fill any remaining space around the inner box with packaging chips or other suitable filling and make sure it cannot touch the walls of the outer box. Don’t be shy - give it a shake to test it – nothing inside should be able to move

Step 4

If it’s not already inside the original phone box packaging, wrap the phone charger (and any other accessories) separately in bubble wrap, secure it with tape and put it in with the phone box.

Step 5

Secure the outer box with plenty of tape; run a several layers of packaging tape down the main folds and edges of the box , then again in a cross pattern.


Note: Black outer packaging should not be used to wrap your parcel as it cannot be processed automatically by our sortation machines, resulting in your International parcel being returned and domestic parcels being delayed.


Remember! We always recommend taking the time and making the effort to prepare your items well, ready for shipping. If the packaging used for your parcel is not suitable or sufficient, your goods are at risk of being damaged or lost and you may not be able to claim compensation if the packaging doesn’t comply with our guidelines.

Posting mobile phones is easy once you’re sure of what to do every step of the way. Get a quick quote on costs to ship a phone today, or alternatively, you can contact us if you’re still unsure on how to post a mobile phone.