DHL eCommerce UK offers next day UK parcel delivery from £2.79 and ships to over 160 countries worldwide. You can book your parcel delivery online in a matter of minutes and we’ll collect directly from your door, the next working day or you can drop your parcels off at any one of our 3,500 DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoints or 50+ UK depots. If this is your first time booking a parcel delivery online, we’ve detailed what information you’ll need and why we collect that information, plus lots of hints and tips to get an even faster checkout. Our booking form is super easy to use and you can check out in minutes. So, if you want to go ahead, you can get a quick quote and book online now.


Get a Quick Quote


Our prices differ depending on the weight and size of your parcel. For an accurate quick quote, we recommend weighing and measuring your parcel beforehand. You will need to give the weight in kilograms and the dimensions in centimetres.

You can get a quick quote on our homepage or Quick Quote page. If you are sending a parcel to a UK address, just enter your postcode and your recipient’s postcode and enter the parcel size – you'll need to tell us the height, width, depth and weight of your parcel.

We also ship to 160 countries worldwide all of which are listed in the drop-down menu. Simply select the country you would like to ship to and enter your parcel’s weight, length, width and height.


Select delivery service


Based on the information provided, we’ll return all of the services which are available for your delivery along with prices for each. You will be given 3 sending options:


Option 1: Drop at shop


You can choose to drop your parcel off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint. We have 3,500 shops across the UK which are typically open from 8am until late. In the search results, you can see the distance to your nearest shop as well as opening times.

When you choose this service, you are not required to specify which shop you will drop-off your parcel at – you can take your parcel to any DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint in the UK.


Option 2: Collection


With this option, a DHL Parcel driver will collect your parcel from your door (this can be your home or work address). We’ll send a 1 hour window on the morning of the collection and you can opt in to receive a ‘You’re next’ text when you are the next stop on the driver’s route so there’s no need to wait in all day.


Option 3: Drop at shop


We have 50+ DHL eCommerce UK depots across the UK where you can drop-off your parcel and save money on the cost of your parcel delivery, making it the ideal service for those who live nearby. In the search results, we’ll show your distance to the nearest depot and opening times.


UK deliveries


If sending to a mainland UK address, you will be given the option to have the parcel delivered to your recipient’s address, DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint or depot.

All parcels sent to a mainland UK address will be delivered on the next working day. If this isn’t quick enough, a selection of priority services will show in the search results. You can select a morning delivery slot (pre-9am, pre-10.30am and pre-noon) or a Saturday delivery.


International deliveries


We have four international delivery services: DHL Parcel Connect, DHL Parcel International, Road Economy and Worldwide Air. In the search results, we’ll return all of the services which are available for your destination.

You will be able to see transit times and prices for each service so you can choose the one which suits your requirements and budget best.


Step 1 – Parcel details


Once you have chosen your delivery service, you will be taken to the Parcel Details page. On the right hand side of the page, you will be shown the service you selected as well as the total cost of your delivery. To see an itemised list of costs, simply click on the ‘breakdown’ tab.

You will be asked for the following information


Sender details


You will need to provide your full name and email address. By providing your email address, we’ll be able to keep you informed about the status of your delivery with regular notifications.


Parcel details


Give a brief description of what is inside the parcel, as well as the value. If you are sending more than one parcel, you can add another parcel at this stage. If the contents and value is exactly the same, select ‘duplicate parcel’. Otherwise, click ‘Add another parcel’.


Parcel protection


We cover all parcels up to the value of £25. If the contents of your parcel is worth more than this, we recommend taking out extended contents cover to the value of your parcel. You can do this by checking the ‘Yes, I would like to protect my parcel against loss or damage’ tick box.

Terms and conditions


Finally you will need to check the box to say you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.


Step 2 - Address details


Next, you will need to provide your address. This information is required in the unlikely event there is an issue with the delivery of your parcel so you will still need to provide a return address even if you have selected to drop-off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint or depot.

Simply enter your house name or number and your postcode and we’ll automatically generate your address. Alternatively, you can choose to enter your address manually or use a saved address from your address book.

If you’ve chosen to drop off at a DHL eCommerce UK ServicePoint, you can select to print your label at home or go label-less. With the second option, you’ll be sent a barcode which the shopkeeper will scan when you drop your parcel off so there’s no need to print off a label. Note, this option is only available when sending a parcel to a UK address.


Step 3 - Customs (International only)


When sending a parcel to an international destination, you will need to complete the Customs section. We’ll use the information you provide in this section to generate a commercial or pro-forma invoice. This will print off with your label – all you need to do is securely affix to your parcel.

There are a number of fields in the Customs section, including:

  • VAT status: Choose from: ‘Personal individual’, ‘Company-Non-VAT registered’ or ‘Company-VAT registered’.
  • VAT number: This will only show if you have chosen 'Company - VAT registered' as your VAT status.
  • EORI number: This field will only appear if you have selected 'Company - VAT registered' as your VAT status. If you do not have an EORI number already, you can register for on one the HMRC website.
  • Recipient EORI number (optional field): If known, providing the recipient's EORI number can help avoid delays in clearance.
  • Reason for export: Choose the reason you are sending the item from the drop-down list provided. Possible reasons include: gift, return, item you've sold and item you've repaired.
  • Country of origin: State the country where the item was manufactured, produced or grown (to the best of your knowledge).
  • Description: Provide a detailed description of the item you are sending. Items with vague descriptions may be delayed at customs.
  • Tariff code (or commodity code): This 8-digit code is a universally understood customs language. It identifies the items in your parcel. If you don't know the tariff code you need, we list some of the most popular items which are sent through our network in our booking form - simply choose the item you are sending and we'll auto-populate the tariff code field. If your item doesn't appear in this list, select 'Other' and you will be directed to the HRMC website to search for the code you need.

Make sure you complete all field accurately in order to avoid delays at customs in your destination country.

For more information on customs invoices, take a look at our Customs advice and Support guide.


Step 4 - Basket and Payment


On the Basket page, you will be given an overview of your parcel delivery. If any of the information is incorrect, simply click the ‘Edit’ button to change. You will be shown the total cost of your parcel delivery. For clarity, you can also see a breakdown of costs. At this stage, you will be given the opportunity to enter a voucher code to bring down the cost of your delivery. Once you are happy, click the ‘Pay now’ button to proceed to the payment stage. You can choose from a number of payment methods including:

  • Pre-pay
  • Credit or debit card
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Pay (coming soon)
  • Apple Pay (coming soon)

Note, we do not store credit card details. We work with trusted a third party payment provider to deliver the highest levels of security.


Complete! Print labels and paperwork


Finally, you will be directed to the Order Confirmation page. This will give you a link to download your label (either as an A4 print or ZPL print). Print off your label and attach securely to your parcel. If you want to print your label at a later stage, this can be done in the ‘Account’ section.


DHL eCommerce UK account features


You can make your parcel delivery even quicker by opening a DHL eCommerce UK account instead of using ‘Guest’ checkout. Take a look at just some of the features you get when you join DHL eCommerce UK:


My Orders


On the ‘My Orders’ page you can see all of your DHL eCommerce UK orders. When you click on an order, you’ll be given tracking information and booking details. Should your recipient need to return the parcel to you, you can do this here by clicking the ‘Reverse order’ button.


Quick Send


If you sell online, we can help you get your orders out in no time with Quick Send. We can link with 9 popular e-commerce platforms, including eBay and Amazon. When you sell an item on a linked platform, we’ll automatically input all of the details into our booking form. All you need to do is review and click send.




For a speedy checkout process, you can add funds to your pre-pay account in advance. When you come to pay for your parcel delivery, you’ll just need to select the pre-pay option as your method of payment and you won’t need to enter your card details again.

As an added incentive, if you add between £25 and £500, we will give you 3% cashback into your pre-pay account which you can use to send more parcels in the future.


Important information about sending parcels in the post


There are a number of items which are not permitted to be sent through the DHL eCommerce UK networks. These include: breakable goods, valuable goods, dangerous goods and restricted goods. Before sending any items in the post you will need to ensure that your parcel does not contain anything which could be classed as breakable, valuable, dangerous and/or restricted.

You can see our advice on UK prohibited items here or check our terms and conditions. Please note if your parcel contains anything that could fall into the above categories, any cover provided by us (either standard or extended contents cover) may be invalidated, and if your parcel causes damage to the parcels of other senders, we may recover the costs of repairing such damage from you.