Make a Safe Place for Parcel Collection


We all lead busy lives, so it's fair to say you can't always be waiting around for a parcel collection, even with an allocated collection slot. This is especially true if you're sending lots of packages each week from your online business; it's going to add up to a lot of waiting!

Thankfully, here at DHL Parcel UK we offer a handy service that allows you to leave your parcel in a designated 'safe place' for our driver to collect. But how do you go about picking that safe place and what can you do to ensure it is truly safe? These tips will help you choosing a secure spot; and all of these ideas can apply when choosing a safe place for your deliveries too!


What should a good safe place consist of?


First and foremost make sure your safe place is protected from the elements. If your parcel is packaged in a cardboard box you're not going to want it getting soggy before it's even left your front door step – imagine the recipient’s reaction? Not to mention a confused delivery driver if the ink on the address has run, making it unreadable. Make sure any paperwork is also kept securely and cannot blow away or get damp.

Out of sight
Sadly this is more of a concern today than it may have been years ago; not everyone can be trusted to leave other people’s belongings alone, so it's wise to pick a location that will keep your package out of sight until your driver comes to collect it. Remember, you will have disclosed the Safe Place when placing your order, so the driver will have the details, just don’t forget to make sure it’s easy for the driver to find.

Easy for the driver to find
For all the safety concerns of leaving your package out of sight, you still need to ensure your chosen hiding place is not too tricky for the driver to access. This means no high fences to vault or super muddy grounds to traverse. Make sure it is obvious too, so if you have advised 'Hidden in the large flower pot by the back gate', make sure there is only one large flower pot there.


What kind of places work?


If you are lucky enough to have a covered front porch then tucking your parcel inside, perhaps behind a plant pot, is the ideal solution. Just make sure if your porch is lockable that you don't secure it when the driver is coming to collect.

Shed or greenhouse
If you have a shed or greenhouse that is easily accessible on your property then this can provide a dry and reasonably secure option for your parcel to await collection.

Recycling box or rubbish bin
A surprisingly common choice this idea works well as long as you know for certain it's not collection day. If you will be away for a few days then it's not recommended; it's not worth the risk, just in case our driver is unable to collect for an unforeseen reason. It’s not everyone's choice; obviously if the bin or box is smelly then avoid it, as neither you, your customer and our drivers will want to handle a stinky parcel!

Delivery / collection box with key safe
Clearly one of the safest methods, these boxes are soaring in popularity – and with good reason. Providing you leave the safe code in your collection instructions, the driver will easily be able to collect your parcel and you can rest easy knowing your parcel will be safe and dry until then. As they involve a key being hidden inside a coded lock, all you need to provide the driver with is the code to make accessibility simple - whilst security goes uncompromised.

Wherever you choose as your safe location, make sure that DHL Parcel UK are aware of it when you place your order, keep the instructions or information clear and remember that this collection option is not available for international packages.