Can't get to the post office?


We all lead busy lives, so it's fair to say you can't always be waiting around for a parcel collection, even with an allocated collection slot. This is especially true if you're sending lots of packages each week from your online business; it's going to add up to a lot of waiting!

Thankfully, here at DHL eCommerce UK we offer a handy service that allows you to leave your parcel in a designated 'safe place' for our driver to collect. But how do you go about picking that safe place and what can you do to ensure it is truly safe? These tips will help you choosing a secure spot; and all of these ideas can apply when choosing a safe place for your deliveries too!


In this era of long hours and hard work there are constantly times when getting to the post office is just not feasible - so how do you get that parcel out of the door in time? Whether you are sending out a parcel as part of your business dealings or you are just keen to get your dad's Christmas jumper to him in time for the holidays, there are moments when it is simply not an option to delay sending until the following week when you have more time. So what alternatives do you have?

Below are a couple of options that are either available now or could soon be an option for you:

When tackling a logistical problem like this, it is important not to miss an obvious trick. You might not have the time or ability (temporary or permanent mobility issues through injury can be a huge pain) to get to the post office, but someone you know could be perfectly happy to do so.

Granted, you may feel like you are imposing on them if you do not know them too well, but if you ask the right person, then the post office could be somewhere they will pass anyway. You could think about giving them a gift or doing them a favour to thank them for their help - a chance to get to know someone better!

It is not just London city firms that use couriers - it is now common for small businesses and your average consumer to use a courier to get a parcel from A to B. This is in part because the prices are often similar if not lower than what Royal Mail would charge, but also due to the fact that a parcel can be picked up from your home or office.The modern age is dominated by the convenience factor and so it is no surprise that the courier option has grown in popularity.

Anyone who has used eBay to buy or sell a physically large product (eg. bikes, sofas, oversized soft toys) will be familiar with 'Collection Only', where the seller is essentially saying that it would be too much money or effort to organise the postage and packaging. The onus is then on the buyer to come and pick up the item.

While asking your nan to drive to your office to pick up her 90th birthday present may not be a popular move, in certain business situations there may be more value in suggesting to a client or supplier that they come to your office/home to pick up the item - you can offer to pay for petrol and arrange to have a meeting at the same time.   

It may even be possible in future to get someone you don't know from your local community to deliver your package - this concept is very much in its infancy though. In early 2013, Wal-Mart announced its plans to potentially move to a crowd-sourcing model for certain deliveries, whereby customers going into a Wal-Mart store could then take parcels for neighbours and get a reward in return. Crowd-sourcing is a trendy concept at the moment - it would be interesting to see it take off in the world of parcel delivery.