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You’ve already identified your target customer, successfully interested them in your business with fantastic advertising, and even made the first sale! So now what do you do?

Keeping your customer relationship active and healthy should be the next stage in your marketing activity, to support your customer journey and customer retention strategy.


A customer retention strategy refers to the communications and initiatives your business delivers to build customer loyalty and improve the overall customer lifetime value.

Your business needs to pay attention to your customer retention strategies because it ultimately costs a lot more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Here are 9 customer retention strategies that support your business.


1. Create Customer Accounts

Create online customer accounts, where customers can quickly and easily log back in to view order information as well as pull through their delivery and secure payment details to speed up the process when reordering via your website.

2. Keep in Touch

Continue your communications beyond confirmation emails with opportunities for feedback, by incorporating customers' opinions back into the way you operate. This will support your business with valuable ways to improve your offering, but also make your customer feel valued by improving their ongoing experience. By integrating your customer journey with third-party applications like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, or Feefo to garner feedback, ratings and opinions, you may ultimately help convince new customers to use your business too.

3. Introduce a Customer Loyalty Scheme

Honour your existing customer loyalty with rewards or discounts to incentivise future sales. This could be based on all or segments of your customers, based on sale amount, geographic locations, or types of products you would like to target customers with.

4. Plan Ahead

Formalise and forward plan your customer communication calendar. This could include upcoming events, cross-selling relative products or services, or schedule launch promotions. This is a proactive way to improve engagement and encourage further sales to drive customer retention.

5. Utilise Email Automation

You can enhance your communication with email automation, to speed up your communication activity too! This will mean your communications are prompt and timely, but also save you time. This retention strategy will keep your brand on your customer’s minds, whenever they receive an email from you.

6. Share Useful and Interesting Content

Build trust and confidence with thoughtful content that adds value to your customer experience. A blog can help your customers to use certain products, think of future gift ideas, as well as appeal to a wider audience with relevant blog topics to their needs.

7. Ask Customers to Help Test New Products

Invite customers to test new products or services, as giving your business feedback to build trust and a two-way relationship is a great strategy to retain your customer loyalty. Sharing their feedback can even build a community, which will help to influence new customers too.

8. Make it Easy for Customer to Shop

Create convenience for your customers. Depending on your business offering, you may be able to introduce a mobile App to access your brand directly in the future. Even if you are just starting up, community marketplace apps such as Etsy already exist to make reaching your customers even easier.

9. Offer Great Customer Support

Offer great customer support to your existing customers. A Live Chat function, help desk tools and wider social media channels can all serve as ways to provide an ongoing service of support to your customers and drive customer retention.

In short, a successful customer retention strategy will encourage repeat customers by building customer relationships and maximising the revenue value from each one.

So making sure your current customer base is still engaged and ripe for a return sale will help support your business goals and future success.

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