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We teamed up with some of our favourite Instagram influencers to give away 500 free parcel deliveries so their followers could send a comfort pack to a loved one on us*.

During lockdown, many of us rediscovered the joy of sending and receiving parcels. Whether it was an item you couldn’t just ‘pop out’ for or a luxury treat, these comfort packs from loved ones brightened our days.

As lockdown started to ease, we wanted to keep this feeling of joy going. That’s why we launched our Hug in a Box campaign, allowing 500 people to send a care package to a loved one for free.



Each of our influencers shared a post on their Instagram page which contained a free delivery code. Their followers could take advantage of this fantastic offer, by booking a parcel delivery with us and entering the code into the Basket page.

There were 500 codes up for grabs and once they were gone, they were gone so senders had to get in quick to claim their free parcel delivery with us.


Lust Living


"We sent the staff at Derby Royal Hospital a hug in a box with @senddhlparceluk to say thank you for everything. We sent some newborn clothes that Nova has grown out of to donate to the hospital along with a thank you card and a photo of Nova. It’s just a small act of kindness but I hope it helps remind them how amazing they are and how grateful we are for the NHS."

Life of Beckie


"This service is convenient & fast and even better, DHL Parcel UK offered me the chance to send a parcel myself. I’ve put together a box for my 86 year old Grandma who’s been isolating alone for weeks and weeks now, she’s super lonely & I miss her terribly! Who would you send a Hug In A Box to?"

Lucy Jessica Carter


"Me & Jenson have sent my Mum & Nan (they live together) a hug in a box with @senddhlparceluk - it’s a contact free service & we filled our box with a few sweet treats and some pictures the boys drew, Jenson also wrote them a letter which was beautiful! It’s a small act of kindness to show them how much they are loved & missed by us."

Brummy Mummy of 2


"Over the last few months, I think we’ve all missed our friends and family SO much, but one thing I have loved is sending and receiving parcels – a little Hug In A Box. I often dip into my box of gifts (does anyone else have one?!) and send a little treat or two. That’s why I’m excited to work with @SendDHLParcelUK."


1. Household essentials

If your loved one can’t get to the shops easily, sending a comfort pack is a great way of getting essentials over to them. Avoid any fresh products or those with a short shelf-life as these can’t be sent through our network and won’t last very long – instead, opt for non-perishable and tinned goods.

2. Favourite treat

Everyone loves receiving their favourite yummy treat in the post. Remember, chocolate is prone to melting (especially in hotter weather) so stick to sweets or biscuits instead.

3. Photos

You can remind your friend or family member of some great times, past and present, by sending a selection of your favourite photos. You can even pop one in a frame so they can display in their home.

4. Book

There’s no better form of escapism than immersing yourself in a good book – send your all-time favourite or a newly discovered gem for your friend or family member to get stuck into.

5. Arts and crafts

Many of us rediscovered the joy of arts and crafts during lockdown! Why not share your new hobby with a loved one? Wool and knitting needles, an art book or even a jigsaw puzzle can provide hours of entertainment.

6. Recipe

Did you discover a great new recipe during lockdown? Put together a selection of your favourite recipes and if it’s safe to do so, some of the key ingredients so your loved one can re-create in their own kitchen.

7. Box set or favourite DVD

Whilst most of us have signed up for every streaming service going, some of our older relatives may still rely on their trusted DVD player. If you still have some old DVDs knocking around which you’d think they’d like, pop this into your comfort pack.

8. Arts and crafts

If you are sending a comfort pack to someone who is creative, then arts and crafts may be the perfect gift. Wool and knitting needles, an art book or even a jigsaw can provide hours of entertainment.

There are some items, like liquids and perishable foods, which aren’t allowed through our network. Before preparing your comfort pack, make sure you check our list of prohibited items to ensure it’s safe to send.

Share what you’re sending

Once you’ve booked your parcel delivery, you can share your Hug in a Box on Instagram. We’d love to see everyone’s ideas for the perfect comfort package. Simply take a photo of your parcel and post with the hashtag #DHLPARCELUK. Don’t forget to tag us in it, using the handle

Contact-free collections and deliveries

Until further notice, all of our collections and deliveries are contact free. On arrival at your address, our driver will knock or ring the bell and will then step away to a safe distance. Simply pop the parcel down on the ground and step back so our driver can pick up.

Alternatively, you can leave your parcel in a safe place (for example, your porch) for our driver to collect. Just leave us instructions on where to find it when placing your booking.

How to send a parcel safely

Sending a parcel is relatively low-risk in terms of the spread of the virus. However, there are some extra precautions you can take to ensure your parcel is safe:

1. Don’t send anything if you or your household are showing symptoms

If you or a member of your household are showing coronavirus symptoms, like a temperature or a persistent cough, then we strongly suggest you don’t send any parcels.

2. Wipe down items before sending

If you are sending something which can be easily wiped down give it a quick once over with an antibacterial wipe. If you are sending clothes, we recommend putting them in the wash before sending.

3. Packing your parcel

Wash your hands thoroughly before packing your parcel. If you have a pack of disposable gloves to hand, you could also wear a pair whilst packing your box.

4. Leave your parcel in a safe place

To minimise contact as much as possible, leave your parcel in a safe place (for example, a shed or porch) for our driver to collect. You can give instructions on where to find the parcel when placing the booking.

If you don’t have a safe place, that’s not a problem. All our drivers are conducting contact-free collections and deliveries.