Why you should send someone a surprise parcel for Post For A Post Day

Every single minute over 68,000 pictures are posted on Instagram. Being online means we’re constantly in touch with those closest to us but how often do we show them that we really care? Sending something in the post is such a warmer way of showing a loved one how much they mean to you. My sister Emma is just about to go back to university so I’m sending her a surprise parcel to brighten her day. 
My sister is at university in Loughborough (because she’s a clever little thing) so I miss her lots during term time. She’s always busy revising for exams, writing essays and playing rugby. If you haven’t already guessed, she’s the sibling with the sports gene - not me. 
I wanted to plan something that would brighten her day so she could forget about exams and missing home. New research by DHL Parcel.com (Now DHL eCommerce UK) found that 85% of people think sending physical forms of communication, rather than digital, shows that you care more about a person so a surprise parcel was just the thing I needed!
I packed everything she needs to survive the term ahead including: post-it notes for revision, herbal teas for late night study sessions, a cook book of tasty student meals and, most importantly, a handwritten letter from me along with some photos. Being miles away from family can be tough at university so I thought a few small reminders of home would be a treat.
After filling a box with some lovely gifts I wrapped it with a pretty ribbon and sent it to her University address. 
Hopefully she loves it… I will let you know and I’m sure this is going to become a new term tradition. 
Recent research has shown that half the UK (48%) say they’ve never sent a surprise parcel to someone they know - but, 84% of us say we’d be more excited to receive a surprise parcel in the post, than a text or DM on social media.
So, DHL Parcel (Now DHL eCommerce UK) has launched an initiative to encourage more people to send a more meaningful form of communication in the form of a handwritten letter or surprise parcel instead of sending a text or posting a message via WhatsApp or social media. 

So – how can you get involved?

On ‘Post For A Post ‘ National Day, 18th September – instead of communicating with your loved ones via text message or social media send a surprise parcel.
What will you send? Share a picture of what you posted and the story behind why you posted it with the hashtag #PostForAPost.
Happy posting!
*Post created in collaboration with www.ipostparcels.com now send.dhlparcel.co.uk